Facebook to Add New Relevancy Metrics for Ads – How This Helps Your Campaigns

April 2, 2019

A few years ago, Facebook introduced the Relevance Score as an attempt to ‘grade’ your ads on how relevant they are to your target audience.

Unfortunately, it was not always clear exactly how this scoring system worked and it left many users confused on how to improve their scores, which was a pretty big deal considering these scores seemed to have some impact on the performance of your Facebook ads.

Now Facebook is rolling out a new system to show advertisers how their ads are performing in terms of relevance to your audience. Instead of the Relevance Score, you will now see three new metrics that combine to determine relevance.

  • Quality ranking: your ad’s quality and how it’s perceived from the particular target audience

  • Engagement rate ranking: the expected engagement rate for your ad and how it compares with other competing ads

  • Conversion rate ranking: the expected conversion rate for your ad and how it compares with other competing ads

How Does This Help Your Facebook Ad Campaigns?

Facebook claims that these new ad relevance diagnostics will not factor into an ad’s performance in the auction, unlike the previous version – but that doesn’t mean that these metrics can’t be of assistance in optimizing your ads. This update can be considered as Facebook’s attempt to improve trust with advertisers by offering more detailed insights on what makes a successful ad.

For example, if you see that your conversion ranking is low while the other metrics remain high, you can see that Facebook perceives your post-click experience to be lacking – aka your landing page experience. With this information, you can focus on improving that experience while leaving the ad itself alone.

In theory this removes some of the guesswork for which portion of the ad journey is hurting the overall performance of your campaign.

Why Did Facebook Make This Change?

Facebook has been scrutinized in the past for not providing valuable data to advertisers on how to make the most out of their ads causing more and more advertisers to spend less on their platform or at least diversify their ad spend.

Data behind ad performance is essential in today’s competitive environment and the updates from Facebook provide advertisers more actionable information, and granular data, compared to just a relevance score. This will allow advertisers to narrow their focus when optimizing ad campaigns, make better decisions around how they choose to spend their ad dollars, and understand how to best tailor specific campaigns, saving valuable time and resources.

If advertisers are more confident that the platform is spending their ad budget wisely, the more they’re likely to spend with Facebook.

Facebook continues to make updates to their ad platform all the time. Staying up-to-date on these changes allows you to modify your strategies and evolve your campaigns.

If you need help with Facebook or any other marketing strategies for growing your business, jump on a call with us at (407) 682-2222.

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