Google Webmaster Tools Keyword Significance

November 12, 2009

Google has now started showing what it believes are the most significant for you website. 
Here's what Google believes are the most important keywords for
Google Keyword Significance

In a Webmaster Central Help Page updated 11/12/09 Google explains:
"The Keywords page lists the most significant keywords Google found when crawling your site. The significance of each keyword reflects how often it's found on your site's pages. Click each keyword to see a sampling of pages on which it appears."
Google goes on to recommend:
"If unexpected keywords, such as "Viagra", appear on this page, this could be a sign that your site has been hacked."
It seems as if Google is giving you a nice easy way to determine if your site is really portraying itself the way you intended. You can always add keywords into your SEO or PPC campaigns that are not included in this list. It primarily shows you that what your efforts are doing are being considered. (OR if has been hacked like Google says)

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Response to: Google Webmaster Tools Keyword Significance
Thursday, December 10, 2009
Maen says:

Yeah indeed & beside that i believe that keyword significance is one of the factors that Google takes into consideration to determine your website page rank.

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