Google Sidewiki - Steps To Claim Your Site

September 29, 2009

Google recently launched a new product called SideWiki. Google's Sidewiki is a browser sidebar that allows users to add comments and information about a particular site. There has been some controversy about this new service already.

Some of the issues brought up:

  • The Sidewiki content is hosted on Google
  • Taking comments /content from site owners and centralizing it
  • Lack of comment filtering, open up for spam
  • Some equate it to bathroom wall graffiti

With that we want to talk about getting a "Page Owner" citation listed in the Sidewiki for your company. A "Page Owner" citation marks the site owner's comment in green and places the comment as the first listing in the Sidewiki. What a site owner can then do is to create a very long post that would take up the initial page of the Sidewiki, thus pushing down any other comments to a secondary page. So how do you create a "Page Owner" citation in Google's Sidewiki?
  1. First you need to have created a Google Account and verified your web site through Google Webmaster Tools

  2. Second is to download the updated Google Toolbar with the SideWiki enhancement 

  3. Once the updated Google Toolbar is installed visit your web site

  4. Go to the Google Toolbar and click on the SideWiki button and select "Write an entry"

  5. You should now see the Sidewiki. If you are not logged in to your Google Account, it will now ask you to log in to post an entry.

  6. Since you verified your web site in Google Webmaster Tools you should now see a green box at the top of the Sidewiki. Just check the box next to "write as the page owner".

  7. You can now make you comment (a title is not required)

  8. Once saved you will now see a green box at the top of the Sidewiki that has a new citation by the "page owner"

Here are some screen shots of what you should see during this process.



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