How do I increase traffic & sales on my website?

October 31, 2008

I hear this question “How do I increase traffic & sales on my website?” all the time, and the funny thing is most of the time its from clients who’s sales have doubled and even tripled over the past year. The answer to this question is simple but applying the principles is not quite as simple because it usually requires some work.

To increase traffic & sales on websites, I like to use what I call the “CLUB” method which is:


C = Content (Content needs to be fresh, think of your website as grocery produce department, shoppers look for the fresh stuff, So do search engines)

L = Links (Links, and when I’m speaking of links I mean internal and external links. External links (links pointing to your site) act as vouching for your website and internal links (Navigation) should lead the visitor to where or what you want them to do, internal linking should support the sales process not hamper it)

U = Uniqueness (Uniqueness refers to the appearance and the content, your content needs to be unique so it can stand out in the crowd and the appearance also needs to be unique to make your site easy to remember)

B = Beauty (Beauty refers to appearance and cosmetic appeal of your website, the cosmetic appeal of your website directly correlates to several things: Users trust better looking websites. Users are more likely to purchase from appealing sites than a spammy looking site. In sales, its a known fact that so called “good looking” sales people tend to do better than not so good looking sales people, the same applies to websites.)

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