How Email Can Drive SEO Results for Your Business

July 28, 2015

While the connection between email and SEO isn’t as cut and dry as some of the other methods of search engine optimization, it can be a very useful tool to keep your audience engaged and directing traffic in a way with which other marketing channels just can’t compete. Google doesn’t crawl your individual emails, nor does the amount of subscribers equate to higher rankings, but here are some ways that email can impact your SEO efforts.

1. Audience Engagement Through Email

The amount of keywords included in your emails will never have an effect on your search rankings. However, if your email campaign is full of helpful resources based around a keyword term such as “Digital marketing agency in Orlando,” you might end up attracting searchers for various marketing-related terms.

Emails that encourage comments and sharing can help shift the factors that Google wants to see, and that will help you rank higher. For example, if you write a great article for your blog and share it to your email list, you can increase the number of views that your article receives as well as shares, tweets and comments on the article.

Here are a couple ways you can encourage engagement in your calls-to-action in your emails: 

  • Ask readers to leave a comment at the bottom of your blog about how they’ll use your insights in their business.
  • Encourage people to share a non-profit project you’re involved with in order to spread a good cause.
  • Drive people to your social channels (Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube) to encourage engagement on those channels; not solely your blog.

2. Drive to Regular Content Consumption

Encouraging engagement can be extremely helpful to your SEO efforts, but giving subscribers other ways to get hooked on your content is also important. Ideally, you want people coming back to your site or social media channels without the need for an email reminder.

Here are some ways to hook people on your content: 

  • Link to your blog posts but also make sure people know that they can also connect via RSS to stay informed.
  • Allow people to subscribe to individual email lists dedicated to particular sections of your blog.
  • If your subscribers love your videos, have them subscribe to your YouTube channel, or if they love your photos have them stay connected on Instagram.

3. Newsletter Content Can Be Repurposed

Emails can take time to write, so don’t just throw them away after you’re done sending it out. Great newsletter content can and should be repurposed as blog content.

Here are a couple of simple ways to get extra mileage out of your newsletters:

  • Long newsletters and be turned into stand-alone blog posts by taking the same content, inserting relevant links, and posting it on your blog. (This also allows the possibility for social shares and comments.)
  • Shorter newsletters can be saved up and posted as a bundle of three or four emails together as one blog post.

By doing this, you are allowing non-subscribers to read your messages and gain from your insights and you are contributing more quality content to your website, which can help you rank higher in search.


There are plenty of benefits to email marketing, and now you have the power to turn it into another opportunity to increase your SEO efforts. If you’d like to find out more, or need help with your Digital marketing, contact Sales & Marketing Technologies today.


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