How to Boost Your SEO Tactics for Free

September 23, 2014


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) doesn’t require a huge budget for small businesses and startups but it does require a major time investment. With Google algorithm updates like Panda, Penguin and others, you need to constantly be on the look out for what will throw off your organic rankings next. If done well, DIY SEO tactics can still have great results.

Here are some things that you can do to better your SEO for free:

1. Consistently Maintain a Blog

Maintaining an active blog filled with unique, informational articles pertaining to your specialty is very good in the eyes of search engines like Google. Adding fresh content to your website with keyword-rich articles is one way to get your site more traffic and drive more business. Posting at least once a month is a good start but in order to keep up with competition, it is recommended that you post as least twice a month.

2. Interact with Others

Commenting and giving your advice on other’s blogs and in forums can be beneficial to helping your brand become more recognizable and trusted. It also positively impacts your website authority and visibility in search results.

3. Basic Keyword Research

Identifying the keywords you’d like to show up for in search is only the first step. It is important when doing your research for these keywords that you ensure they’re relevant, have high search traffic, but mid-to-low competition for your market. These keywords will then be placed in your website copy and blog posts to help increase your exposure for those terms.

4. Become Social

If you blog and nobody sees it, did you blog? While Google will still scan your site looking for new content and find your newest blog post, wouldn’t it be better to gain more traffic and customers from your writing? Sharing your content on social media sites can expand your reach, which can get your more inbound links and therefore more traffic.

On this note, connecting with people in your industry on social media can link you to the newest ideas and trends going on in your industry. Sharing their content, when well written and beneficial, could get your content shared by others or give you ideas of what to write about next time around.

5. Get Your Info Out There

Writing for your own blog is great, but every once in a while writing as a guest blogger on a relevant social hub in your industry can have its added benefits. You'll gain exposure as an authority on the subject, you’ll create high-quality inbound links and you’ll see more traffic.

Another way to get your information out would be to send out a press release. One a month is enough to help with brand awareness, referral traffic, citation building for location SEO and social proof.


Where most people fail when doing their own SEO is not keeping up with it. It is very time consuming and most people don’t have the time when running their own business. These free tips are only the beginning of the possibilities for your search engine optimization marketing options. If you’d like to find out more, or need help with your SEO marketing, contact Sales & Marketing Technologies today.

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