How to Build a Solid B2B Digital Marketing Strategy

June 3, 2019

Updated: June 3, 2019

One of the toughest challenges in building a successful B2B internet marketing strategy is figuring out where to start. This can be especially challenging for B2B companies, because the marketplace is mostly geared towards promoting B2C products and services.

Building a solid B2B digital marketing strategy is vital to a company’s overall marketing plan. Over the years, we have uncovered some key areas to help B2B businesses improve their online presence, while increasing leads.

Here are some tips to get you started on your B2B internet marketing plan:

1. Establish Trust

Establishing trust online is a crucial part of almost every business, but it is especially important for B2B companies. Part of this is ensuring that the tone and statements throughout your website and digital marketing materials are consistent with your overall company philosophy. It also comes through evidence of your companies achievements and online testimonials.

Here are some ways to establish trust:

  • Adding actual images of your operation to your website – Prospective clients love to get an inside look into your offices and operations. It gives a sense of transparency when prospects can see what conditions you're actually working in instead of just looking at stock photos of what your company should look like. 

  • List your accomplishments – Whether it is the number of years your business has been around or the number of awards you have received, showcasing these things puts the prospect at ease with doing business with you. While your website and digital marketing should focus on what you can do for your client, featuring this information gives you needed credibility. 

  • Upgrade your About Us page – Most prospective clients will go straight to your About Us page or section to get background information on your company. This part of your website can make or break their first impressions of your company. The more information you can provide to prospects, the more likely they’ll feel comfortable working with you.

2. Make Information Accessible

There is no greater frustration for a potential client than not being to find the information they need on your website. Obviously some information, such as pricing, may not be available without a quote, but the more questions you can answer before they ever contact you, the better quality your leads will be and the more comfortable the client will be contacting you.

Here are some ways to provide more information:

  • Provide documents on your website such as PDFs, calculator tools, and other materials. Studies have shown customers engage more with a website when there are documents and tools to interact with.

  • Limit the amount of clicks needed on the website to access crucial information. This aspect of digital marketing is often referred to as user experience (UX) design. Construct a simple path for prospects to go through on your website. Giving them too many options to click through can often lead to confusion - which then results in fewer leads. 

  • Make sure the content on your website is easy to read and not filled with a bunch of technical terms. The easier it is for the prospect to understand what you do and can offer, the quicker they can make a decision on whether you can help them or not. 

3. Use Social Media

Creating a social media plan can be daunting for most B2B companies. Social media is here to stay whether we like or not, though the platforms may change. As such, it is critical to make sure that your company stays up-to-date with some of the most popular social media sites out there such as Facebook and LinkedIn. While the process can be slow, the rewards can be huge.

Here are some ways to build a social media presence:

  • Create a business profile on all major social media sites. These social media sites will provide your company with some search engine optimization value and helps to secure your branding on all platforms.

  • Seek reviews/testimonials – Nothing gains more trust to a prospective customer than reading positive reviews or testimonials from clients you have worked with. Having these displayed on your website and social media profiles      will only solidify your position in the market.

  • Be transparent – Interact with your customers by utilizing the social media sites. It’s the best way to get instant feedback and can help you improve on certain areas of your company.

  • Provide value – Through your social media you can provide a lot of value to prospects and current clients alike. Sharing relevant articles, giving tips, and providing useful resources are just some of the ways that B2B companies utilize social media to give their audience value. 

4. Create Follow Up Systems

When you’re a B2B company, every lead counts. That’s why having a quick and efficient follow up is so important. To streamline this process and ensure that no leads are left to fall through the cracks, an automated follow up systems should be implemented.

Here are some reasons to implement follow up systems:

  • Automated communications are faster, smoother and more consistent.

  • Follow up sequences can anticipate the needs of your prospect with personalization.

5. Be Easy to Do Business With

If a prospect has taken the time to research your company and submit a request for a quote or consultation, you want to ensure that you are as accommodating as possible. Once again, every lead is crucial.

Here are some ways to make sure your company is easy to do business with: 

  • Get back with people the same day. While your automated follow up can handle the initial contact, it’s best to be prepared to follow up via phone when necessary.

  • Be available or have someone designated to receive contacts. When it is not decided who is in charge of replying to requests, they often get overlooked.

  • Be ready on all channels… People will attempt to contact your company through many different channels, especially if you’re on social media. Be ready to respond to people that contact you via phone, email, or social media direct messaging. 

These few tips are truly just the basic building blocks to getting started in building a B2B digital marketing strategy. However, having a solid foundation for your company to build upon is crucial.

If you are a B2B business and are looking to start improving your online presence, contact us or give us a call at (407) 682-2222.

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