How to Improve Content Marketing in 2021

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December 15, 2020

Content marketing in 2021 will continue to be crucial for an effective digital marketing strategy, whether it’s improving your website’s SEO or increasing conversions like purchases and form submissions. However, if you’re not actively improving your content, then you may not be reaping all of its benefits. That’s why Sales & Marketing Technologies has compiled seven tips to help make your content marketing more successful in 2021. Let’s get started!

7 Tips for Successful Content Marketing

Refine your content creation and strategy to enhance your digital marketing’s effectiveness. By applying these tactics, your content marketing will be more engaging and persuasive to prospects.

1. Identify Your Audience’s Pain Point

When you’re able to touch on your audience’s pain point in your content, it’s more likely to capture their attention and create engagement. Prospects are looking for a solution to a problem, whether that’s saving time, reducing costs, increasing productivity, etc. Not sure how to identify your audience’s pain point? Here are some helpful questions to ask:
  • What problems does my audience often experience?
  • What does my audience worry about?
  • How can I help?

2. Make Sure It Provides Value

Once you’ve identified your audience’s pain point, next you’ll need to create content that gives them a solution. Creating content for the sake of content won’t give you the results you want. Content should provide value by being educational, informational, unique, meaningful, or entertaining.

3. Write Clear and Concise Copy

Keep your writing simple to ensure your message doesn’t get lost on your audience. Copy that is difficult to read or understand will turn off your prospects and make them bounce from the page. Instead, write clear and concise copy by avoiding run-on sentences and technical jargon so your audience will keep reading rather than get bored and leave.

4. Increase Engagement with Visuals

In addition to clear and concise copy, successful content often includes visuals like images, graphics, and videos. Visuals are a great way to create engagement with your audience which makes them stay on the page longer and increases the likelihood of a conversion. Furthermore, visuals can also communicate a message better than words alone can.

5. Improve the User Experience

If your content doesn’t have a positive user experience, it won’t perform well with prospects. A negative user experience includes difficulty finding, interacting, or downloading content. Eliminate any bottlenecks to make it as easy as possible for your audience to access and engage with your content. Some things you can do to improve your content’s user experience is to have fast page speeds, simplify the steps to reach the content, include ‘jump links’ to specific parts of the page, or add share buttons.

6. Use Data to Support Claims

Back up your claims with data, statistics, studies, and reports from reputable sources to make your content more trustworthy and credible. Not only does supporting your claims with data strengthen your content, but it will also help establish your brand as an authority on the topic and build a positive reputation.

7. Leverage the Power of Social Proof

We’ve discussed previously the power of social proof in digital marketing and how it influences prospects to trust your brand. The concept of ‘social proof’ originated from Robert Cialdini, a prominent psychologist and author, in his 1984 book “Influence.” It describes a psychological and social phenomenon where people will copy others (experts, celebrities, friends, etc.) in a certain situation. Use social proof — like testimonials, reviews, or endorsements — in the content to inspire confidence in your brand.

Broaden Your Content Marketing Horizons

By applying these seven tips, your content marketing will be more effective with your audience and increase organic traffic all while elevating perceptions of your brand. Content is crucial for digital marketing, especially SEO in light of Google’s May 2020 core update which placed a greater focus on quality content. Given the importance of content, it’s essential that businesses not leave it as a low priority in their 2021 digital marketing strategy.
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