Instagram Launches Web Profiles

November 8, 2012

We already know that Instagram was bought out months ago for a high price by the people at Facebook.  Up until this week, Instagram remained a mobile-device based application.  But now, Instagram is slowly rolling out web profiles to its users.  These profiles look shockingly like the Timeline we are already familiar with on Facebook profiles.  With a “cover photo” of rotating photos from the users Instagram feed, it is slightly different than the static “cover photo” offered on Facebook currently.

These profiles then show the user’s profile photo (in the same location Facebook’s profile photos appear) and include the user’s user name, actual name, and “About Me” information, as well as their number of photos and how many people they are following as well as how many followers they have in the header of the page.  From there, it includes a feed of all of the photos you have posted to your Instagram account.

This is a big step from the previous access Internet users had to Instagram photos.  Before, users could only access Instagram photos via the web on a simple landing page, showing only the photo as well as any comments that it had received along the side of the picture.  Now, you can access all of a user’s photos quickly and easily.

While there are many similarities between Facebook profiles and Instagram’s online profile, they are still separate entities, as Instagram remains a solely photo-sharing platform, and you cannot yet upload photos via the web - you still have to use the mobile application for that.  While the entities are separate it is good that they are featuring some continuity, as they are now part of the same overall corporation.  It will be interesting to see how these web profiles are received by users, and what other changes Instagram may make in the upcoming months.

One thing is for sure - the addition of Instagram to the web allows it to be a vital asset for many company’s social media portfolios. If you'd like help on your social media marketing strategy, contact Sales & Marketing Technologies today. As Central Florida's most established Digital marketing company, our team of skilled Internet marketers are waiting to unlock your potential to thrive online.

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