Small Website Changes That Can Add Up to a 50% Sales Increase

November 15, 2007

Updated: Feb. 2015

It was 10:43 p.m. last night when I logged in to check the daily e-commerce sales. The results; ip 20% for the day and for the month, up a whopping 50%! "Yes!" I said.

This would seem routine if I worked or owned the company, but I don’t.

I am their Digital Marketing Manager and live hours away from their business. I was ecstatic. All the little changes and adjustments we have been working on all year are now paying off, as they are swamped with huge sales increases. In a way, I feel terrible as Scott and his team are working weekends just to keep up with demand, but I know they are excited as well. They are on track to break the yearly sales record with over a full month left to go. So every day is exciting. It is also exciting to know that we may have the best online month ever and online advertising costs will be unchanged from last November.

We were able to have this success because we consistently made improvements all year long and kept reviewing the site to identify more and more opportunities. While sometimes we were challenged on our ideas and there was resistance, they were implemented and the results are positive. In addition, we always kept testing new ideas. Some failed, but others succeeded.

One of the most amazing facts is that we still have a wishlist of improvements that have not been implemented yet. We expect even bigger and better things in 2008.

The Little Things That Added Up 

Consistent Linking Strategy

We consistent worked every month to build branding via directories, social networking pages, social bookmarking sites, press releases, and paid links where applicable.


Revised Onsite Search

We spotted that the online search results were poor and left out keywords products for popular search results. Now people are finding what they want, rather than leaving the site.

Created Product Page Based on How Users Shop

Basically, we removed the clutter and confusion to make an easy to use page, organized on how users shop.  

Constant PPC Evaluation

We are always reviewing the worst and best PPC ad groups and revising and refocusing in order to make them profitable. That is how we have increase ROI tremendously over the last six months.

Revised Navigation & Links for Customer’s Benefit

Provide the information that your customers want and keep the path simple. That way, if they get lost on your site, they can quickly find what they want.

Added Blogs to the Mix

We blogged every month and tested various styles until we hit a consumer need that resulted in a dramatic surge in traffic to the site. During this holiday season we are blogging two to three times a week and seeing a steady stream of new customers from it.

These are a few of the changes implemented this year, we actually wanted more! The great thing is, that small monthly improvements can in some cases still result in huge benefits when our client need it most.

There is nothing more rewarding then being able to share in this success with them.

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