LinkedIn Revamps Their Group Experience to Compete with Facebook

October 15, 2018

LinkedIn has been a powerhouse for professional development and B2B communication for years, but they’ve never been able to fully master how to connect people within Groups.

In 2015, the company split off an updated version of Groups into its own standalone app – a move that caused the Groups platform to turn into somewhat of a ghost town. Even though LinkedIn as a whole continued to grow and gain new features, the Groups app seemingly got left behind.

In February of this year LinkedIn quietly pulled the standalone app as it announced plans to integrate the feature.

New Features for LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn adding their Groups back into the main platform isn’t the only change.

Here are the features that LinkedIn shared in their announcement:

  • More engaging conversations. To give you richer ways to participate in your groups, you’ll now be able to post original videos, multiple images, and other rich embedded media. You’re also able to reply to comments and edit your posts and comments.
  • Always stay up-to-date. We’ve heard from you that you want better ways to keep up with the conversations and activity happening in your groups so we’ve added these notifications on LinkedIn. For example, you’ll be updated when someone comments on one of your posts in the group, or when new people request to join a group you manage.
  • Access anytime, anywhere. Easily get involved in your groups on-the-go from the LinkedIn iOS and Android app. Admins will also be able to take all group management actions from mobile, such as messaging group members, accepting requests to join, or removing any posts that break group rules.  

Photo via LinkedIn

Here are the features that will be coming soon:

  • Navigate to your groups more easily. You’ll be able to quickly find and get to your groups right from the navigation panel on the LinkedIn home page.
  • Keep the conversation going from your LinkedIn Feed. Soon you’ll be able to start and join conversations in your groups right from your main feed. You’ll be able to reply to comments or share an interesting article without having to navigate to your group.
  • Easily discover new groups that match your interests. Looking for new groups you may want to join? You’ll be able to discover recommended groups based on your network and interests from the My Network tab on desktop.

How Will LinkedIn Compare to Facebook?

Facebook Groups have always been intuitive and media-rich – which has given them an advantage in the past.
With LinkedIn adding some of this functionality in and maintaining it within their main platform, it’s possible that Groups in LinkedIn will become more popular for those looking to connect professionally and share industry knowledge.

The main difference between the Groups is about the same as the platforms themselves – Facebook is more personal while LinkedIn is more professional. Both platforms have value depending on your business.

If you’re interested in learning more about LinkedIn or Facebook Groups and are curious if creating one would benefit your business, call us today at (407) 682-2222 for a free strategy session.

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