Three reasons why Long Tail Keyword searches are so important?

January 29, 2009

Long tail keyword searches are the secret to tremendous website traffic.  Why are they so important and how do they work? 

Here are three reasons why long tail keyword searches are so important.

  1. After studying the traffic to a popular website whose domain name is the same as its primary keyword, we found that during a thirty day period the website received 500k visitors but only 12k of them were for the primary keyword.  The other 488k visitors found the site using long tail keyword searches, keyword searches with additional discriminators like the location of the service, a specific model number, or brand of product.  The long tail searches drove the majority of the search traffic. 

  2. Long tail keyword searches mimic the spoken word.  With the ever so increasing popularity of mobile devices and the regulation that comes with it, i.e. laws against talking and texting while driving, you can expect more and more mobile device users to use hands free devices to make their calls.  Internet searches through voice recognition will soon increase as a result and since long tail keyword searches mimic the spoken word they will a vital part of internet success. 

  3. The longer the keyword search term, the higher probability for a sale or conversion whether it be a sale or a request for additional information.  For example users searching for a 2004 black Honda Hybrid are further along in the buying process than some who searches for a Honda and are more likely to convert into a sale.



How do you capitalize on long tail keyword search terms? 

Structure your URLs to support them (i.e. instead of  Write content for people not search engines. I'm not saying to not use SEO fundamentals, but combine them with normal speech patterns.

For more information on keywords, or to speak with a marketer about coming up with your custom digital marketing strategy, contact Sales & Marketing Technologies today.


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Response to: Three reasons why Long Tail Keyword searches are so important?
Tuesday, February 17, 2009
Dan Layton says:

It is very important to structure a website to be user friendly and easily accessable to users. As the internet is filled with sites speaking on the same terms, it is crucial that the traffic to your site be 60% greater than sales made per visitor. By making your site easy to find by choosing the right name for your company and products if applicable, long tail keyword searches will help improve traffic to your site. This is where marketing is important because once you get your consumers eye, it is now immperative that further interest in your product or service is applied. Long tail searches must be researched before your site is active as you don't want to lose a chance to greater interest in your company.

Response to: Three reasons why Long Tail Keyword searches are so important?
Friday, February 20, 2009
Donny Wijaya says:

wow fantastic content! Thank you for sharing!