New Communities on Google+

December 16, 2012

A recent addition to the Google+ platform is Communities.  This latest feature integrates with other features such as Google+ Hangouts to allow you to gather members in either public or private communities to hold discussions.

Google’s official blog touts the new Google+ Communities as a great opportunity for its users to reconnect with loved ones during the holiday season.  Google+ aims to make these new communities as accessible for sharing as communities in real life are, allowing people of all interests to get together and discuss the things they are passionate about.  Communities will allow users to not only participate in real time hangouts, but also share other items that people can see and comment on later – whether it is a link, a text update, or a photo.

How to Apply Communities for Your Business

These groups can be a great way to get your customers involved and also communicate your message to them.  By joining and participating in public communities geared towards’ your companies brand and interest, you can grow your fan base and introduce your company to consumers who may not have heard about it before.  Some examples of public communities on Google+ include ones dedicated to fashion, cooking, exploration, knitting, photography, and more.

Google+ Communities add to the Google+ network, the fastest growing social networking application ever.  Already, more than 500 million have joined Google+, with 235 of those members remaining active across Google, and 135 million actively posting in their Google+ streams.

To get started on Google+, or to get ideas on how to use social media marketing to promote your company, contact Sales & Marketing Technologies online or call us at 407-682-2222.


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