Social Networking And Your Business

April 27, 2007

Social networking sites have become big business because of the sheer traffic volume many of the larger sites are bringing in, including,,,,, and What is very appealing to many businesses is the typical demographics of these sites; young with lots of disposable income. So how, or can, your business take advantage of these social type site?

First, know your target market, which you probably already do. Not all social networking sites cater to kids. for example is directed towards professional networking. If your company’s market is other businesses, Linkedin and MerchantCircle are great places to start. You may even find some groups within the big sites that are directly related to your product or service.

Second, get involved. It is important to understand how these sites function and what is deemed as acceptable behavior. Be yourself. Promote yourself first, then your business. Make friends. Many of these sites are based on individuals, not companies.

Third, Link your social profiles with your main company website. Link your different profiles together. Create a network between our various online profiles.

Lastly, continue looking for new avenues to market your products or services through. There are currently many, many social networking websites and the number continues to grow.

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Response to: Social Networking And Your Business
Monday, January 4, 2010
henrylow says:

Often we forget the little guy, the SMB, in our discussions of the comings and goings of the Internet marketing industry. Sure there are times like this when a report surfaces talking about their issues and concerns but, for the most part, we like to talk about big brands and how they do the Internet marketing thing well or not so well.