Top 5 Ways to Share Links on Instagram

top 5 ways to share links on instagram by SMT

July 30, 2019

Sharing links on Instagram can be a little tricky since it doesn’t allow clickable links in post captions or comments, however, there are other ways you can drive followers to your content. Check out our top five ways to share links on Instagram so you can increase traffic to your website and promote offers more effectively.

1. Add a Link to Your Bio

The simplest way to share a clickable link on Instagram is in your profile’s bio. You can use the profile bio link for your website or you can change out the link frequently to direct followers to specific content from your latest post (i.e. “Click the link in bio”). The downside of changing the bio link often is that older posts that direct followers to the bio link will be directed to different content. That’s where other methods come in handy for sharing multiple links.

2. Use a Link Service

Instagram link services, like Linktree, provide a single link you place in the bio link which takes followers to a landing page with multiple links. It helps followers see all of your recent content without having to switch out the bio link for each new link. Another popular Instagram link service in Later’s which also provides a single link but it takes followers to a photo-style grid that looks like Instagram; followers simply tap on any image to go to specific articles, websites, videos, and more.

3. Use Shortened Links

Although you can’t share clickable links in post captions, you can still include a shortened link which followers can copy and paste into their phone’s web browser. Link shortening services like Bitly allows you to create custom, call-to-action links that are easier to copy and remember than regular links. Keep in mind though that it does require extra work for followers since they can’t simply click on it so make sure to give clear instructions to copy and paste the link in their browser.

4. Add Swipe-Up Links in Instagram Stories

Instagram stories let you post photos and videos that vanish after 24 hours, but you’re able to save stories as “highlights” to your Instagram profile if you don’t want them to disappear. Stories are an excellent way to share new or time-sensitive content while highlights are great for curating different types of content like promotions, FAQs, and more. One handy feature in Instagram Stories that is available to brands with at least 10,000 followers is swipe-up links. When you post a photo or video to your Instagram, you have the option to add a link. Followers can “click” on that link by swiping up on their phone screen. If you do use this feature, make sure to include a clear, concise call-to-action to swipe up to buy a product, sign up for your newsletter, register for an event, etc.

5. Pay to Promote Links

If you have an Instagram business profile, you can pay to promote posts and stories which allows you to add clickable links (basically, Instagram makes you pay for the feature of clickable links in posts). Although you’re paying to promote the post, it’s effective for driving traffic because the clickable link is right there in front of followers. They don’t have to go through extra steps like going to your profile to click the bio link or copy and paste a shortened link in their browser. When you make it easier for followers to click a link, they’re more likely to do it.

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