Webmasters, Don’t Punish Your Users

February 17, 2015 By

David Ajoy


There are many ways webmasters unintentionally punish visitors on their websites; through poor navigation, pop-ups, no clear calls-to-action, cumbersome checkout processes and bombarding users’ email inboxes with promotions.

A website is meant to inform, entertain, and provide a product or service. Why neglect basic user experience (UX) issues? This causes visitors to bounce directly off your website, which negatively impacts your search engine results. In addition, you can forget return visitors or positive reviews if you treat your customers to spam or an experience that left them cursing at their computers.

Check the usability

Improve your website navigation

One of the first problems that many websites have is that they tend to be overcomplicated, or on the other end of the spectrum too simple. This leaves lost and unsure of where to go and how to find what they’re looking for.

Make clear Call To Action routes

Although sometimes you’re unaware, when you visit a website, there are hidden or not-so-hidden calls-to-action throughout the website, hinting at what steps you should take next. This could be something such as a suggested question, to a button asking you to “Start Learning Now.”

Create a captivating visual

It does not matter what type of website is being visited.  Just because your industry isn’t necessarily in the realm of creativity doesn’t mean that your visitors don’t want to have a pleasing design. At Sales & Marketing Technologies, we have designed websites for many different industries and all of them are beautiful and functional. A busy, cluttered and unappealing website is going to cause some visitors to leave immediately, raising your bounce rate and losing your customers.

Trust the experienced and skilled Orlando web designers and web developers at SMT to create an attractive design for your website. As Central Florida’s most established Digital marketing and web development company, we have worked with almost every type of industry. We know not only how to keep people on your website, but also how to get them there through pay-per-click and search engine optimization. Contact us today to learn more about how we can improve your website and your business online.

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