What Happens When You Combine A CRM, Video, SMT, And A Group of Prospects?

March 14, 2014

Answer: You get an advanced form of Video Sales & Marketing Technology

SMT is always looking for unique ways to reach and create a significant and lasting impression on target prospects. The latest product we have developed is a video marketing system (VMS). The VMS was developed to send out targeted video emails to anyone in a Customer/Prospect database. That doesn't sound that complicated, however, there is more to it. 

What makes our system unique is that you can send a series of videos to individuals or groups at pre-programmed intervals. Everyone is on their own schedule. Lots of mailing programs let you send out to groups via your list. The trouble with a mass blast is not everyone has the same need at the same time. With our VMS you don't have to send out to a whole list. You can just send out to one person today, send to 3 more tomorrow and 5 more a week from now and just keep going like that. The system makes it so our sales team can send a series of videos for select prospect as they come across a need; thus getting them the right message, to the right person, at the right time.

The system can scale. We currently have a database with 57,845 companies. The largest campaign so far delivered a series of 15 videos to 470 prospects. Since these were sales messages, that has the potential to be 7,050 contacts. Not bad considering we had just 1 sales person targeting this market.

The system doesn't just do videos. We have the ability to send video, audio, PDF, Word and Excel documents, text email or even good old direct mail. The system will also let you program follow up calls. For example: You can set it so the system will let a specific sales person call after the 3rd video is sent. You can mix media too. Email this time, send a video next time, email with PDF the time after that. It is very flexible.

Now you can turn a small sales force into an army. If you think a VMS might be beneficial, let us know. We'll be happy to show you what we have.
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