What is Facebook Paper?

Facebook Paper iphone app

August 12, 2014

In an age of technology and ever changing social media platforms, there’s one that seems to keep leading the pack. Facebook has been on the cutting edge of social media since it’s creation and it keeps pushing forward in hopes to make things easier for the users. The problem is that with all the updates, new users, ads and everything else that rolls into our daily interface, things can get a little cluttered. This is where Facebook Paper comes into play.

Straying away from the normal newsfeed layout, Paper was created to be an easier way to read through your feed. There’s no normal newsfeed, no timeline, no stream of any kind. Paper’s new homepage screen is divided into two squares, rather than a continuous vertical scroller. How do you use it? It’s simple! If you swipe left or right on the top section, you’re able to setup customizable sections which you can add friend updates, traditional Facebook content from pages such as news, photography, sports, food and more.
Facebook Paper iphone app
                                                                                                                              IMAGE: Facebook

On the bottom row, you’ll notice smaller “cards". These represent a single item (post), whether it’s from a friend or a page’s post. You might see a photo, a status update, or even another shared piece there. To see earlier posts, simple swipe left and it will load more posts on to your screen. Paper really comes into play when you’re ready to expand these posts. If you see something you like, swipe upwards and it will expand to full screen. Once it’s in full screen mode, you can do all the normal Facebook options such as sharing, commenting and liking. If it’s a link to another website, all you have to do is swipe up again and it will open the new page.

Our thoughts on this new option are that Facebook has gone back to basics. They’ve gone back to the core of what Facebook and social media is all about. Connecting with your friends and your interests, in a quick and simple way. From what we’ve been reading, Facebook seems to be working on ways to create more standalone apps rather than building everything into one (which we all know can be overwhelming). We’re excited to see how these changes will affect how we read our Facebook feed. Here’s to the future, Facebook!
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