What Is Panda 4.0? What You Should Know.

July 29, 2014

  1. Wait and Research – It’s important to remember that anytime there’s a major change in algorithms, you need to read up on it. There is no one way or another to “win” when it comes to these updates but it’s important to keep up to date with best practices for SEO and marketing to stay ahead of the curve.
  1. Analyze Website Metrics – It can take a few days for updates to roll out so you might not notice the effects right away. If your site is affected, it may not be until a week or so after (if at all). You want to keep an eye on your Google Analytics traffic and your rankings, to analyze if anything has happened.
  1. Determine if your traffic increased or decreased – Take a look at the graphs on your Analytics account. Set the start date at May 19 and see what happened over the next five or ten days. If you notice an increase of 5% or more, you’ve probably benefited from Panda 4.0. If you notice a decline more than 5% then you may have been negatively affected due to content.

Panda 4.0 hasn’t shown us anything new as of right now, but it has proved that we’ve got to continue working on content marketing and providing quality content. Have questions? Feel free to contact us and we can help!

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