When Great Google Rankings Hurt Your Business

October 23, 2008

Never would we have ever thought that great Google rankings could hurt your business, but its true. So many businesses are focused on Google rankings that the most important thing is usually over looked.

Conversions, whether your conversion is a sale or just supplying important information about your company, that should be the focus of your Digital marketing.

So how do great rankings hurt your business?

Its when you rank great for irrelevant terms, terms with little or no search demand, or terms that aren’t geared towards your product. Over the years we have had clients say I want to rank for this or that term, yet the search term has no search volume which would dilute their marketing effort.

On a recent case study, we saw traffic and conversions drop for a website just by increasing the rankings for a less relevant term. Basically, Google thought the website’s content was about the less relevant term instead what drove conversions.

How do you make sure your marketing efforts are geared towards your goal?

1. Make sure you research the search demand for terms you are targeting, terms which directly relate to your products or services.

2. Make sure your website’s content, meta data, and navigational structure supports and validates those terms.

3. Make sure your off site marketing complements those terms by using the correct keyword anchor text within the links.

Using this system will improve your conversions and your bottom line. I personally would rather rank number 10 on Google for a term that converts into sales than number one for a term that doesn’t. Contact us at Sales & Marketing Technologies to start creating an Digital marketing strategy that will work with your business.

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