Why Your Local Business Needs Social Media Marketing

January 8, 2019

Social media is huge.

Statista reports that the number of Facebook users in the U.S. (as of October 2018) had reached a whopping 204 million users.

However, many local business owners are still on the fence on joining Facebook (and other relevant social media platforms). Some think that these platforms are just for peer-to-peer socializing; and while that does occur the majority of the time, there and some very good reasons to engage with social media as a business.

There are many ways that your business can benefit from being present on social media. If you do it right.

Here are a few examples of exactly how your local business can take advantage of social media marketing

1. Advanced Word of Mouth

Social media marketing lends itself perfectly for building a passionate community around your brand. Happy customers will take care of word-of-mouth marketing for you – and even part of your customer service.

For example, Facebook offers a unique feature that allows for people to ask for recommendations in the area they live or are looking to travel to.

Based on the answers that their Facebook friends leave in the comments, the feature then pulls up the exact locations of businesses mentioned. This means the local business will be tagged automatically, visible for the user who asked the question, and anyone else who sees the post.

However, if your business isn’t on Facebook… then there is no information to pull and therefore, your business will likely lose out to a business that has all of their information and other reviews listed right there.

2. Brand Management

Customers share their feedback about your business, whether you’re aware of it or not. Whether it’s good or bad feedback, your company should be there to respond.

  • If it’s good, that’s awesome! You can capitalize on that satisfied customer, by promoting their praise to get even more customers or remind your other happy customers to come back. 

  • If it’s bad, that’s ok. Responding to negative reviews is an opportunity to control the conversation and show your excellent customer service. Turn that grumpy complainer into a true fan by really listening to their issue and solving it.

Even if you can’t necessarily solve the problem, showing that you care and are willing to correct a mistake shows the next person that they’re in good hands.

3. Cut Ad Costs by Advertising Locally

On Facebook, location is one of the many specific demographics you can target your ads based on.

By targeting your ads on the people who are based in your area, their interests, and some other demographic details, you can achieve the highest customer potential with the lowest costs.

We’re not saying that direct mail can’t be useful, but people are spending so much time on social media now that it can very a very effective addition to your advertising plan.


Believe it or not, being on a platform with millions of people, can be extremely beneficial for a local business.

Social media marketing is great for brand awareness, reputation management, and for targeting new customers at a fairly low price point.

Become the talk of the town. Build a community around your business.

Let’s strategize what your social media marketing plan should be. Call us today at (407) 682-2222 for a free strategy session.

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