Will Link Building Remain Important in 2014?

January 7, 2014

In a recent article from Search Engine Land, speculation was given about the importance of links in 2014.  With updates from Google like Hummingbird, many companies are concentrating on social platforms instead of on links and other “typical” Search Engine Optimization (SEO) practices.  While it is true that links may, in the future, be unimportant in Google’s algorithms, it is important not to forgo links entirely.  Link building can be used to build relationships with other quality websites.  By building relationships with other influencers in the industry, your website and brand can gain valuable mentions, links and positive press.

While the top influencers are always important to contact, it is also important not to discount smaller influencers.  Often time, these alternative influencers in the industry have fewer people clamoring for their attention, making them easier to get ahold of, and more likely to work with you.  Also, who knows?  They could be the next big thing in the industry.  By establishing a relationship with these websites, you can ensure you will still have traffic coming to your website, even if there is an algorithm change and your Google results fall lower.

Regardless of whether Google drops links entirely, or discounts their importance in their algorithms, there will be without a doubt changes in SEO during this year.  If you're looking to enhance your Digital marketing plans for this year, contact us today to see what we could do for your business.

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