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10 Email Marketing Tactics That Increase ROI

Email marketing can be used for a variety of objectives like promoting an offer, cultivating relationships, sharing company updates, and more. In addition to its versatility, email software makes it easy to measure your ROI by tracking performance metrics, such as click-through rates CTR , open rates, bounce rates, and conversions. Check out these 10 tactics to ensure your email marketing campaigns are following best practices to enable higher returns. 1. Don’t Buy Contact Lists Not only d...

What Every Business Website Needs to Drive Conversions

From small startups to global enterprises, all businesses require a website to attract customers. While the design will certainly vary from one to the next, every business website needs several things to drive conversions e.g. purchases, form submissions, and signups . Here are seven must-haves your business website needs to improve your online presence and convert visitors into customers : 1. Clear Call-to-Action CTA Buttons One of the first things people notice about any website is its CTA but...

Holiday PPC Advertising: 6 Tips to Optimize Your Campaign

Pay-per-click PPC advertising is a powerful tool for businesses looking to reach customers during the holiday season. However, there are a lot of other businesses vying for holiday shoppers' attention. That's why it's vital to make sure that your campaign is set up to get the best return on investment possible. Here's a checklist of things you should look out for when optimizing your holiday PPC advertising: 1. Use Holiday Keywords Before you dive into creating your campaign, it's helpful to und...

Everything You Need to Know About Keywords

Keywords are an essential part of digital marketing but there's often confusion about what they are and how to use them. While the practice of "keyword stuffing" used to be common in the early days of search engine optimization SEO , it can now get your website in trouble. This is because search engines have evolved, becoming much smarter and more efficient. Whether you’re new to digital marketing or a savvy professional, we’ll break down everything you need to know about keywords so...

Top Branding Essentials for Marketing Success

In order to build a marketing system that attracts and retains customers, you have to start with a strong brand foundation. After all, branding can be the deciding factor in whether customers choose to do business with you. So how can you use branding to your advantage? We’ll discuss how a clear brand identity can benefit your business and what to do to implement it in your marketing. Why Consistent Branding is Key When you think of popular brands like McDonald’s, Apple, or Nike, wha...

Using Content Marketing to Grow Your Email List

According to the Content Marketing Institute, content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action. So, how do you take someone from reading content to making the leap to give you their email address? Here are some tips for growing your email list using content marketing… Create Great Content ...

7 Fall Social Media Marketing Tactics

The days will soon be getting shorter and cooler, meaning autumn will be in full swing. Planning for this new season is important since there are many marketing opportunities at your fingertips. How can you speak to your audience during this time of year and build your brand? Let’s look at these seven social media marketing tactics for fall, and what you can do with them. 1. Start of a New School Year With school starting for children and adults alike, incorporating back-to-school language...

How to Leverage “Near Me” Searches for Your Business

Many people use the search phrase near me when looking for restaurants, gas stations, apparel, and more in their area. This is because smartphone users are dropping location qualifiers e.g. ZIP codes and neighborhoods since they expect the results will be automatically relevant to their location due to GPS. See how to optimize for near me searches to increase your presence in local search results! 1. Optimize Google Business Profile For your business to appear properly in the local sea...

About Page Writing Guidelines to Engage Readers

Your About page is usually where people go to learn more. It’s essential that this page explains who you are, what your business is about, and everything else customers may need to know. Some companies even take this opportunity to inject some personality into their website to capture their brand. Here are some guidelines for writing your About Us page, and how it can engage your readers. How to Craft an Engaging About Page Having a strong About Us page is important for quite a few reasons...

Signs Your Business Needs Marketing Automation

Marketing automation software allows companies to simplify their workflows and make data accessible anywhere, making it easier to track customer interactions, automate repetitive tasks, and send personalized messages across channels. In addition to helping businesses streamline their workflow, marketing automation software enables companies to gain insights into consumer behavior. With this information, businesses can better understand how to market products and services to consumers. Here are s...


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