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Advantages of Outsourcing Your SEO

Getting your website to show up in search engine results for keywords that are relevant to your product or service is crucial for many businesses, but choosing between outsourcing SEO search engine optimization or hiring an in-house employee is less clear cut. In this article, we’ll explain what you need to consider when looking for SEO support and the five advantages of outsourcing SEO to an agency. Factors to Consider As you decide between an SEO agency or an in-house employee, it’...

11 Ways To Improve Your Business With Sales Automation

Not long ago, salespeople had to spend more than half of their time on tedious tasks like taking notes, logging calls and prioritizing leads. Sales automation now allows salespeople to spend more time actually selling. There are a variety of sales processes that businesses can automate to increase sales productivity. Your business doesn’t necessarily need to automate all of these sales processes depending on your needs and pain points, but it’s still helpful to see the opportunities ...

6 Common Mistakes of Google Business Profiles

Setting up and maintaining a free Google business profile is essential for building trust in your brand and driving customers to your business. Additionally, a Google business profile is an important element of local search engine optimization SEO . If you’re unfamiliar with local SEO, read our local SEO guide to learn how it can help you attract and retain more local customers. However, it’s not enough to just have a profile - it must be accurate and appealing. Find out the most com...

What Does a Business Website Absolutely Need?

There’s a lot to think about when creating or updating a website, but there are certain things a business website absolutely needs to be effective and worth the investment. While web design is important, a successful website will have solid web development too. It’s imperative that your business website is built in a way that will enhance your brand’s image and move prospects through your sales funnel. Discover the must-have elements that every business website needs to generat...

Google Ads Bidding Guide Part Two: Automated Bidding

For advertisers that want a bid strategy that’s less hands-on than manual bidding , Google Ads offers automated bidding. As a quick reminder, a bid strategy controls how you pay for users to interact with your ads and your bid limit is the most you’ll pay per click for ads in an ad group. It’s essential to select a bid strategy that best matches your campaign’s goal to avoid wasting money and time. While manual CPC bidding offers the most control, it does require more tim...

Powerful Benefits of Updating Old Content

Content marketing offers many advantages like brand awareness and free organic traffic , however, old content can lose effectiveness over time. The technical term for keeping content fresh and up-to-date is historical optimization. And in today’s competitive marketplace, it’s not enough to simply create content, it must be maintained to continuously reap its benefits. Find out when you should update content and the powerful benefits of historical optimization to achieve better result...

Google Ads Bidding Guide Part One: Manual CPC Bidding

There are many types of Google Ads bidding to choose from so you're better able to achieve your campaign’s goal. However, given the variety of bidding options, it can be overwhelming for Google Ads beginners to know which one to select. That’s why Sales & Marketing Technologies SMT has created a two-part guide on Google Ads bidding to help you set up your campaign with confidence. In "Part One," we’ll answer: What is a bid strategy? Why do you need to determine your campaig...

Best Practices to Collect Online Reviews

Online reviews not only provide social proof to prospects that your products or services live up to claims, but they’re also beneficial for search engine optimization SEO . Google, however, is particular about how businesses acquire customer reviews. Businesses can suffer negative consequences if the review came by dubious means like reviewing your own business, paying for reviews, and more. By following these best practices to collect online reviews, your business will be able to generate...

Why CRM Software is Crucial For B2B Sales

Customer relationship management CRM software offers many benefits for B2B sales like being able to manage and analyze customer interactions and data throughout the customer lifecycle, improve customer relationships, and retain customers. All of which, of course, drive sales growth. Check out the five signs that your B2B sales team needs CRM software! Top 5 Signs You Need CRM Software By automating certain processes with CRM software, businesses can increase productivity while providing actual v...

Which SEO Metrics Should You Track?

Without tracking SEO metrics, you won’t be able to tell if your strategy is working or not and what steps should be taken to get better results. Not only is it important to track SEO metrics, but your data should be accurate to ensure you’re making better-informed decisions. Find out which SEO metrics you should track to improve the efficacy of your strategy. Where to Find SEO Metrics Implementing analytics for your website is essential for tracking SEO metrics. Google Analytics is t...


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