4 Online Marketing Techniques Your Business Should Be Using

December 18, 2009

We all know how important it is to be engaging customers online, but how do we accomplish this? Here is a list of 4 online marketing techniques your business should be using.

1) Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

By implementing an SEO strategy, you are optimizing your website to be found under certain keywords in the search engines. Users typing in these keywords are typically looking for information regarding their keyword; hence, targeted audience.  If your site is setup properly, then you should be seeing conversions. 

2) Social Media

People love interacting! Social Media does something really neat that a lot of other marketing techniques don’t do. I’m sure there is some fancy term out there, but I call it “The amazing gap closer”.  Okay, so I just made that up, but it’s the money maker.  So many companies pay lots of money to have their company’s reputation a certain way, or to have this amazing, trusting image.  Well the truth is, now they can.  Social Media sites such as Twitter or Facebook are great at getting your company down to a level where people can see you and your company for who you are. Great for building company trust and branding.

3) Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising

Everybody has the debate, “Should I do PPC or organic search marketing (SEO)?”  The honest truth is, both are helpful and can compliment each other. PPC is great for brining targeted traffic to your site. If you aren’t a PPC expert, I recommend hiring one.  It may save you money in the long run.

4) Email Marketing

This is Social Media’s older brother.  Many people think the older brother lost its touch but believe it or not, email marketing can be a very effective way to drive traffic and conversions to your site.  People still send emails around and it can be used to advertise specials, updates, or anything else.  Effective if used properly.

And while there is plenty more marketing techniques, I wanted to give you 4 that I think is a priority for your business.  Let Sales & Marketing Technologies help you and your business grow on the internet.  Contact us today to begin growing your business through online marketing.

For more information on developing the right Digital marketing strategies for your company, contact Sales & Marketing Technologies today. 

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