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Google is Requiring Websites to Switch to HTTPS or Show Up as Non-Secure

If your website collects sensitive visitor information such as passwords, credit card information, or other personal data – be warned. Earlier this year, Google made changes that started to mark websites without HTTPS as non-secure on Google Chrome, Google’s own web browser that has 59.38% of the browser market share . That’s way above the second highest used browser, Safari, with only 14.88% market share. If you haven’t already made the switch to HTTPS and purchased an S...

Why Technical SEO is More Important Than Ever

If you’re familiar with the term search engine optimization SEO , you may know about how titles, meta descriptions and alt tags are a crucial part in getting you more traffic from search engines such as Google. But what you might not know about SEO is that there is another, more technical side that can affect your website. While search engines are getting better at crawling, indexing and understanding information, they’re not perfect. Therefore, it doesn’t really matter how muc...

How Landing Page Optimization Leads to PPC Campaign Success

Pay Per Click PPC campaigns require a lot of work and coordination in order for them to perform properly – bringing your business more traffic and new leads. Part of this work includes the landing pages that you are sending the traffic to. If you want to convert the traffic landing on these pages, you’ll need to optimize them. You could have the best ads and be targeting the correct keywords, but if you are sending traffic to a landing page that isn’t optimized for conversions ...

An Intro Into Display Advertising

Have you ever been on a website and seen those banner ads along the top or sides of the website for services or products? What you are seeing are called display advertisements. Display advertising is a blanket term for a few different types of visual advertisements on a website. This broad category can be broken down into a few main types: Site placement advertising: This is when a marketer/advertiser chooses the site they would like to advertise on. Contextual advertising: This is when you adve...

LinkedIn Introduces Video Advertising

Video continues to be on the rise – both in usage and as a marketing tool. In fact, according to Tubular Insights , The number of people watching videos online only continues to grow, with video predicted to make up to 80% of all global traffic by 2019 . LinkedIn has decided to join the other social media giants like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat in the video advertising space. Their new video sponsored content option are placed in the LinkedIn news feed as a standalone post. T...

How to Craft the Perfect Voicemail Script to Get More Callbacks

According to sales strategist, Jill Konrath, 97% of all business calls now go to voicemail – making your sales voicemail increasingly important. But I know what you’re thinking, Do prospects even listen to my voicemail? Will they ever call me back? Well, honestly, most of the time – No. However, although voicemail has a much lower response rate than other types of communication, such as email – what you lose in quantity, you gain in quality. That’s because voicemail...

How to Enhance Your Website’s User Experience to Get More Leads

There are many ways that websites unintentionally make things difficult for visitors – poor navigation, pop-ups, no clear calls-to-action, and cumbersome checkout processes. A website is meant to inform, entertain, and provide a product or service. In order to do those things, you have to provide a good user experience UX . Bad UX causes visitors to bounce directly off your website, which negatively impacts your search engine results. In addition, you can forget return visitors or positive...

The Mobile Marketing Optimization Checklist

No matter how hard you try, it’s nearly impossible to stay away from mobile marketing. With roughly 77% of Americans owning a smartphone according to PEW Research Center , people are bound to visit your website or search for your business using their mobile device at some point. And if you’re thinking, Just because people are using them doesn’t mean they’re buying things on them. – You’d be wrong. In fact, 62% of smartphone users have made a purchase online us...

How to Create Evergreen Content for Your Website

Content marketing is an essential piece of the digital marketing puzzle. Without it, search engines like Google have a harder time deciphering what your business does and how it should be ranked or displayed. Additionally, your customers may leave feeling unfulfilled in their quest for information about you or your products / services. Not all content is equal, however. Evergreen content provides your website with long-lasting results traffic, leads, social shares that don’t depend on the ...

How to Build Your Online Citations and Why It Matters

Online citations are defined as mentions of your business’s name, address and phone number on other websites such as YP, Yelp, and many other directories. A citation does not need to include a link to your website to be a key component of the ranking algorithms on search engines like Google and Bing. If everything else is equal, a business with a greater number of citations will have better search engine optimization and will most likely rank above a business with fewer citations. Citation...


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