4 Best Design Practices of Contact Pages

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January 18, 2022

When customers flock to your website, there are a handful of reasons as to why they may be there. Perhaps your business is the answer to a need, or word-of-mouth sent them there to see what all the buzz is about.
A contact page gives your audience somewhere to turn when they’re searching for answers, someone to speak to, or give them a better customer experience on your site. It encompasses many useful tools for users, so ensuring that it has what your customers need is crucial when building this out. Here is what you should include when designing this page.

User-Friendly Design

Though your whole site should be user-friendly, the contact page’s design, in particular, is crucial. Make sure that the page loads quickly, the contact form works properly, and the information is accurate as well as easy to read and understand. An unhelpful contact page will cost your business leads.

Easy to Find

Nothing is more frustrating than being unable to find a site’s contact page. While this plays into the design, it’s also helpful to remember to lead your audience to the help they may need on any page.
Using such language as, “contact us,” “help,” or “support” gives them a clear idea of the page’s purpose. Plus, when you keep these at the forefront of every page, you make their journey through your site much easier, so consider including these simple terms on the header and footer.


No one wants to feel as though they’re speaking to just a bot or computer screen. Include language on your site that shows a genuine human connection with your support and contact page.
Since you do care about the needs of your audience, display that. Let them know that your site is there to provide a service for them and that you value them as more than just another customer.


Including some FAQs will undoubtedly be helpful, but take into consideration your customers’ time and needs. If a question can’t be easily answered, direct them to your chat feature or email correspondence.
When you allow different methods on your contact page for reaching out or solving problems, you’re displaying their best interest and showing genuine care for whatever issues they may be running into. Being adaptive is vital since you won’t always know which method works best for each person.

Drive More Leads and Sales

Contact pages are there to direct customers to the right channel, support them in their needs, set customer expectations, and build their confidence in your brand.
Whether you need a component or a whole marketing system, let Sales & Marketing Technologies help you with your digital marketing. Schedule a free 30-minute consultation with us today!

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