Back-to-School Digital Marketing Ideas

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July 26, 2022

Summer’s drawing to a close, which means back-to-school season is nearby. For many businesses, this is a prime time to market their products or services, especially with deals for parents and students. No matter your brand, you can use this retail holiday to draw in customers. Here are some back-to-school digital marketing ideas for your business.

Market the Right Merchandise

Before getting started on your back-to-school campaign, decide which of your products (or even services) will be most needed during this time of year. If your business offers sports gear, think of the afterschool activities and gym classes. For example, hair salons could market a “new school year” haircut for students and teachers. It doesn’t necessarily need to be school supplies and clothes to be relevant for this season.

Offer Promotional Discounts or Deals

Everyone loves a good deal, especially parents, students, and educators. When you offer discounts specifically for these groups, you’re drawing in more customers for savings. Consider a 10-15% discount for any teacher or even seasonal promotions for kids who can show A’s on their report cards. When you get creative with special offers, you broaden your audience.

Showcase Your Niche in a Unique Way

Even if you aren’t quite sure how you can relate your business to back-to-school, there are still some unique ways brands in the past have marketed themselves during this time of year. You could create blog content for back-to-school tips using your services, or shopping guides for parents that include your products.

Partnerships with Influential Brands/People

With “mommy bloggers” and other influencers, this is a great way to showcase your business in a way that doesn't require much investment on your end. Partnerships with the right people can boost your brand, especially among your target audience. Search for potential brands or influencers that would be a good fit for your product or service, then reach out to them with an appealing pitch.

Contests and Giveaways

A contest or giveaway is a great way to get people involved with your brand. Create a back-to-school product bundle or a school year’s worth of free services. Promote this on your social media channels, email blasts, and/or website. The chance for something free or new will always entice customers.

Stay “On Trend”

When speaking to a younger demographic, knowing your trends is important. Whether you incorporate viral memes, trending sound bites, or popular characters, this is a way to market yourself to the right audience during back-to-school season. However, be mindful of any trademarked material.

Utilize Social Media

Parents and students alike are on social media these days, so find ways to connect with them both. For instance, you can create interactive games or content for kids, while also providing helpful resources and promotions for parents. Striking the right balance for ways you can target both audiences is crucial during this time.

How Does Your Marketing System Rate?

As with any popular season, back-to-school is a wonderful time to market your business. Many brands take this opportunity to get creative, and with the right digital marketing campaign, you can make this time of year work for you. If you’re ready to bring in more sales this back-to-school season and beyond, let Sales & Marketing Technologies help you build an A+ marketing system that generates business!

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