Bing - Ask your friends to recommend

January 5, 2010

Bing is now giving you the option to send local search results to your Facebook and Twitter friends along with the option to email them the results in order to ask them if they agree with the results or have a better option. This is a direct way to see what your friends, coworkers, or mentors have to say about a particular location.

As a consumer this gives you a quick way to find out if a restaurant is any good, etc. But as a business, you need to be aware that your listings are being published in this sense. Keeping reviews positive and keeping on top of your social media monitoring is essential these days. There are many social monitoring tools out there such as Hootsuite, Social Mention, Topsy and more. 

By following your social mentions you have the ability to address negative reviews about your company that may not be on your social sites or website, but instead in a comment somewhere else. Keeping in control of what is said about you on the Internet will help to avoid possible scandals or even just preventing a rumor from spreading any further. It is always advisable in these times to have some sort of customer service over social media. 


Here are the different views of the new Bing feature: 

Search Listing:

Bing - ask your friends to recommend 


Bing Facebook Results 


Bing Twitter Results 


Bing Email Recommend 

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