Black Friday and Cyber Monday Marketing Ideas

digital marketer improving black friday and cyber monday sales

October 3, 2023

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the biggest shopping events of the year, making them great opportunities for brands to boost their sales and attract new customers. However, a lot of other businesses are also vying for attention. It’s crucial to prepare your digital marketing strategy ahead of time so your products and services can stand out from the digital clutter.
Check out this list of creative Black Friday and Cyber Monday marketing ideas that can help you drive more sales and make these shopping days a huge success for your business!

Sneak Peeks

Get people excited and generate hype by sharing sneak peeks of your upcoming deals. Sneak peeks spark interest in your products and keep your followers engaged. You can also use this tactic to boost engagement on social media by running contests or polls to ask your followers which deal they’re most looking forward to.

Exclusive Discounts

One of the most effective ways to drive sales is by offering exclusive discounts. Create a sense of urgency by promoting limited-time offers and flash sales. Consider offering different tiers of discounts, such as 20% off for the first hour, 15% off for the next two hours, and so on.

Bundle Deals

Create bundles that include multiple products or services at a discounted price. Offering special packaged deals encourages customers to make larger purchases and allows you to showcase different products, increasing their visibility.

Free Shipping

Shipping costs can sometimes deter customers from making a purchase. To overcome this barrier, offer free shipping on Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Free shipping adds value to the customer's purchase, as well as incentivizes them to buy more products to take advantage of the offer.

Limited Edition Products

Create a sense of exclusivity and excitement by offering limited edition products or variations specifically for Black Friday. For example, a new flavor, color, or design that's only available for a limited time. Promote these limited edition products on various channels — like social media, email, website, and video — to generate buzz and increase sales.

Social Media Giveaways

Leverage the power of social media marketing by hosting giveaways or contests leading up to the sales event. Encourage customers to share, like, and comment on your posts for a chance to win a prize or receive exclusive discounts. ​​Social media giveaways allow you to increase engagement and expand your reach to a wider audience.

Early Access for VIP Customers

Reward your loyal customers by offering them early access to your deals. Send out exclusive invitations or codes to your VIP customers, allowing them to shop before the general public. This makes them feel valued and appreciated while driving sales during the early hours of Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

Email Marketing Campaigns

Send out personalized emails to your subscribers, highlighting your best deals and promotions. Create a sense of urgency in your email campaigns by including countdown timers or limited quantity notifications. Segment your email list to target specific customer groups based on their preferences and purchase history.
Bonus tip! Reduce abandoned carts (i.e. when customers add items to their online shopping carts and leave without purchasing) with email automation software. An automated abandoned cart email campaign is a powerful way to bring customers back.

Gift with Purchase

Offer a free gift or bonus item with every purchase made during the sale period. A freebie adds value to the customer's purchase and can incentivize them to buy more. You can also use this tactic to introduce customers to new products or promote slow-moving inventory.

Holiday Gift Guide

Feature your best deals in a gift guide so customers can easily browse through the different products and services you have to offer and find the perfect gifts for their loved ones.
​​Include descriptions, images, videos, reviews, and customer stories to provide more information about each item.

Launch a Successful Holiday Marketing Strategy

With these Black Friday and Cyber Monday marketing ideas, you'll be able to craft a strategy that drives more sales and grows your customer base.
​​Since these shopping days are time-sensitive events, don't wait to get in the game. Now is the perfect time to strategize your holiday marketing to maximize revenue.
Book a free 30-minute discovery call and explore digital marketing solutions that will have your business feeling merry this season. 

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