Choosing the Right Orlando SEO Company for You

October 28, 2014


Whether you’re the CEO of your company, or you’ve been tasked with finding the right Digital marketing company for the company you work for, it can be a daunting task to sift through the pages and pages of SEO firms in your area.

As an Digital marketing company ourselves, we hear too many horror stories from people walking through our door about bad service and unfulfilled promises. That’s why we made this list of some good and bad things to watch for when searching for an SEO firm.

First of all, we’ll clear up some common misconceptions.

•   SEO firms that rank at the top when searching in your area may not necessarily be the ones you should work with. Sometimes the URL name or age of the URL can play a big factor in where that company shows up in search. There are a lot of factors that go into the ranking of a site, as you’ll soon find out. So don’t always assume that first is equal to best.

•   Bigger isn’t always better. It’s true that bigger firms might have more people, but smaller companies with a smaller client base can give you the specialized attention your website and business might need. It really depends on what you’re searching for.

•   Not ALL SEO firms are scams. Unfortunately, through black hat SEO and scam artists, actual qualified professionals have received a bad reputation. By going through this list, you’re on the right path to choosing an SEO firm that cares about the success of your business.

Now to the big question – How do you choose the right Orlando SEO company?

1. Experience Matters

Just like most fields, hiring an SEO company with expertise and experience is one of the most important factors. So many individuals and companies can promise results but make sure the company you choose can show you their past client base and some previous results to support their claims.

2. Do They Do What You Need?

Sometimes your websites needs a little work, and other times it needs a lot of work. Make sure you know what your own goals are in your business before deciding on what your SEO goals are. Do you want to grow sales by 15% over the next year? Do you want to get 10 more leads a month? Growing your rankings is something that will hopefully happen with proper SEO efforts. In order to meet your goals, the right SEO company can suggest to you different things to help you reach it.

3. White Hats Only

In the industry there are what is called white hat and black hat SEO tactics. White hat means that all your content is original, there are no illicit backlinks to your website, no “funny business”. This type of quality SEO will keep your site in good standings with search engines no matter what algorithmic changes come. Black hat is the opposite, the scammers and quick schemers. They might get you quick rankings but could cause your site more damage than good by using shady methods that will eventually be penalized by Google. Obviously, working with these types of people or companies is highly unadvised.

4. Choose Someone You Connect With and Can Trust

Most companies will gladly offer a free consultation, which gives you a chance to see their knowledge and gives them a chance to try to win your business. Not only should you listen to what they recommend for your business but also listen to how they were founded, the stories of best and worst client experiences, how they’ve grown over the years. Hearing their stories shows you their creativity and passion. After a consultation, the company will do their research and get back to you with a proposal with services you need and prices for them. Just the same, you can take that time to decide if it’s the company for your business.

By setting your goals, doing your research, and listening to the stories from the firms, you’re sure to find the right SEO company for your business.

If you’re interested in learning more about Sales & Marketing Technologies, Central Florida’s most established Digital marketing and web development company, contact us today!

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