How SEO has Changed… and Continues to Change

October 15, 2014


The Internet has evolved in many ways over the past few years. As Google’s algorithm sophistication has increased, so have the tactics used for SEO, probably for the best. Search engine optimization used to be considered a unique knowledge of how to manipulate Google’s search rankings with secret, sly tricks that only a select few possessed.

Since then, the SEO industry has evolved. It is now a multifaceted online marketing discipline that no longer relies on these sneaky tricks and instead focuses on the bigger goals, making it essential for every Internet marketer to understand.

Google is more than just a search engine

While Google is a search engine, and continues to serve that function, it also has transcended this category. With the consumer in mind, Google has created many service and data-oriented projects. From projects such as Knowledge Graph, that pulls information in anticipation of the consumer’s next question, to services like Google Plus and Google My Business, which gives your business information a home on the web outside of your website. This is important to know when thinking about how Google views websites for their search results.

SEO in now about building a brand, not the manipulation of Google

SEO is no longer just about links, keywords, and PageRank. The industry’s focus has since needed to shift to branding and content strategies. While these things have always been important to businesses, the attention these have gotten as SEO tools has increased in the past few years because of some major changes to Google’s algorithm.

With the launch of the updates Penguin and Panda, a few messages were sent loud and clear to webmasters and marketers: Google will no longer accept low-quality content or sneaky tactics in its results. The outcome of these algorithm changes is that it is now necessary to have a quality content strategy and the branding to back it up. A strong brand increases the reach and audience of quality content and the content then builds the brand. You need to have both.

Make yourself relevant

Google’s emphasis for its search results is on answering questions, not showing random websites that bring nothing to the consumer. By answering questions your customers have and being a relevant resource in your industry, you will have an easier time showing up in search results. Creating content, whether it is a blog post, ebook, video, infographic, or anything else that can be consumed by your audience, is going to make you more relevant.

It’s a long road ahead

Creating these strategies and quality content is not a quick and simple fix. There are plenty of other tactics that go into creating a well-rounded SEO strategy. On-site optimization, citations, social media marketing, etc. are still important factors in your SEO strategy. Be patient. Following the guidelines of quality content instead of quick trickery will keep you in the top spots for the long haul, rather than a shot up to the top only to be penalized a year later.

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