Content Marketing Ideas for the Summer

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June 29, 2021

The weather is hot. Kids are out of school. And everyone is ready for a chance to sit by the pool and relax. Does that mean it’s time to ease up on your content marketing? Not at all. In fact, there are many opportunities to use the season for your digital marketing campaigns. Be sure to recognize which would be most relevant for your brand, and which would be better to tweak accordingly. Here are just a few ideas how:

Summer Fun

If you’re wanting to showcase some of the lighter aspects of your brand, this is the time to do it. Lots of families are planning vacations, grilling outdoors, and enjoying longer days. Incorporating some summer activity to-do’s in your campaigns is a great way to expand reach and engagement, while also showing the human side of your brand.

School’s Out

Many parents are looking for ways to keep their kids occupied during those long, summer days. Meanwhile, children just want to have fun on their months off from school. Either way, you can target both demographics by sharing helpful tips and tricks for parents, or some kid-friendly content that will keep them entertained and engaged. 

Independence Day

The 4th of July is full of fireworks, celebrations, and spending time with loved ones. It’s also a great time for promotions and sales, which most companies try to use to their advantage. You can also share some fun activities, tips, and maybe a few red, white, and blue-themed treats.

Dog Days of Summer

Though this phrase has origins in astronomy, it’s a great way for brands to share man’s best friend on their feed. How often has a dog post garnered a 'like' just by sheer cuteness alone? It’s another great way to showcase the people and pups behind the scenes.

Travel Tips

Summer is a popular time for people to go on vacation and enjoy some much-needed R&R. Make it easier for your audience to plan their summer travel with tips and tricks. For example: best places to visit lists, traveling with kids tips, packing checklists, money-saving hacks, and safety tips.

“Hot” Deals

This is primetime for school supplies and clothing to go on sale, and some states even have tax-free weekends. If your industry has some overlap with these products, it’s a great way to bring your business to the forefront. Parents and kids alike will be looking to score some deals as hot as the summer heat, especially when the back-to-school season rolls around.

Labor Day

Another great holiday, but this one is all about letting the hard workers take a break. This is a perfect chance to showcase an "Employee of the Month," or other driven individuals at your company who deserve the accolades.
While spring was all about refreshing your brand, summer is the perfect time to track trends and stay ahead of the curve. Even though most everyone is taking this chance to kick their feet up and relax, your content marketing shouldn’t ease up. Especially with so many opportunities to be creative and revitalize your brand, you can ride that wave all the way to fall.
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