5 Great Google Adwords Tips for Saving Money

December 31, 2008

Running Google Adwords on a budget? We work with many small and local businesses that are battling the same issues as you. Therefore we've come up with some tips to lower your costs.

Here are five Adwords tips to help you get more bang for your buck with Google Adwords.



1. Put your phone number in the Google ad, because some people are likely to call instead of clicking through. Having a strong call to action in your ads, such as 'call us now', will let customers know what to do next with your ad. 

2. If you are on a small budget, have your ads scheduled to start running later in the day to give some time for some advertisers to blow through their daily budget. Although you have to be careful with this strategy as your ad may not get the "prime time" spots for ad viewing. It depends on your industry as to when the best time to run ads would be.

3. Geo target your ads to prevent paying for clicks outside your servicing ability. This type of targeting is perfect for local businesses that might not have a large budget. Larger, national businesses may choose to run several smaller ads targeting big cities rather than having one national campaign. This also makes your campaigns easier to track.

4. Make sure to use negative keywords when setting up your keywords, and review them often.

5. Target your products or services which have the best profit margin. By doing this you are promoting what you already knows works best. From there customers can find other products or services that you offer that they might need. Getting them to your site or to your store is the number 1 goal. From there, it can always spread out.


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Response to: 5 Great Google Adwords Tips for Saving Money
Wednesday, March 18, 2009
IM Product Review says:

Great tips! Some these tips I did not know before. Thanks a lot Ken.