Getting Your Company Behind Your Social Media Strategy

April 20, 2012

One of the biggest roadblocks to utilizing social media for your company is the company itself.  You have to make sure everyone supports the process, and understands why social media is so important.  To have a successful social media campaign within your company, your employees have to understand not only what social media does, but why it is useful and how they can play a role in its success.

Social media is a team process. 

It is important to realize that the entire staff has to buy into its uses, not just the marketing department.  By having the entire team share the same vision of success, amazing things can happen.  Although social media requires everyone to be involved, there should be one person that is in charge.  Think of them as a coordinator or group leader – it is their job to motivate and filter all of the company’s core content and social media, not be the sole person responsible for all content and success.

Educate employees.

Second, a company meeting to explain how social media works and how it can help the company achieve success could be useful.  By educating all employees on the uses of social media, they’ll grow from seeing YouTube as something only children use to a viable marketing tool for their company.  Once they understand why social media is important, you can encourage them to get truly involved.  By getting everyone involved in the content needed to create a truly “social” social media account, you will be able to produce multiple blog articles and other content a week from a variety of aspects of your business, giving your customers a true view at what you do without putting too much pressure on the social media coordinator.

Create a company social media newsletter.

Once your social media strategies have been put in place and encompass the entire company, you can create a company social media newsletter.  This allows you to highlight the best pieces of content you have put out over the last week, month, or quarter (depending on how often you choose to send out the newsletter), and also show off the tangible results of your social media efforts, such as how much web traffic was generated by your social media accounts, any leads or sales that were the result of social media campaigns, and positive customer comments that were left.

It is important to keep up with these efforts in the long term. 

Social media is an ongoing process, and while the newsletters can show your employees the current results, it is important to keep them informed of any changes that are occurring in social media, and to give them the opportunity to continue their training and education in the field.  With the right amount of enthusiasm, there are no limits to how social media can help your business!

If you need help getting started with your social media strategy or want an outside opinion on how you are doing so far, contact us online or call SMT at 407.682.2222 today for help!


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