Google Ads Introduces New Responsive Search Ads

January 29, 2019

Recently, Google has pushed to increase the use of automation in ads.

Some of the initiatives they developed include: dynamic search ads, automated ad suggestions (formerly known as Ads Added by Google) and Google’s efforts over the past year to get advertisers to give up manual A/B testing and add at least three ads per ad group.

Now, they have released a new responsive search ad option. With this, Google is working to push their automated efforts even further by using dynamic optimization to find out the ad that works the best.

How this works is that you set up one ad with multiple headlines and a couple of descriptions, and Google will start testing combinations dynamically to serve the combination deemed most likely to achieve your stated goal. 

There are also other benefits to trying out this new format. 

Google is giving responsive search ads more character real estate than even their expanded text ads. With this option, you can now: 

  • Show up to three headlines instead of two.

  • Show up to two 90-character descriptions instead of one 80-character description.

How to Set Up Responsive Search Ads in Google

With these new ads, you can set up as many as 15 headlines and 4 descriptions. That’s a lot of verbiage to test!

When setting these up, you want to try to make the headlines distinct from each other, spotlighting different features, benefits, offers, calls to action and so on. Write headlines that are relevant to the keywords in the ad group and include at least one of the keywords in your ad group in the headlines.

Keep in mind that all of these variations are being tested dynamically, so it’s important to think through how the different combinations can work together. However, there is an option to “pin” headlines and descriptions to specific positions in the event you have a disclaimer that always needs to be present. This is most helpful for sensitive business categories.

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