Google Analytics iPhone app. What's in it for you?

July 18, 2014


Google Analytics iphone app

It’s official. Google Analytics has released an easy way to keep track of all your important statistics on the go. The Analytics app lets you check out all of your favorite features, including real time statistics, from the comfort of your Smartphone. In addition, this app can be used to see user behaviors, acquisitions, conversions and more.

For years, I’ve relied on third party apps which have always been clunky, slow and generally not a pleasure to navigate through. Being in the digital marketing industry, it's important to stay on top of clients' statistics often to see what kind of trends are happening. After using the new Analytics app, my first impressions are that it’s night and day in quality compared to the other apps I’ve used.

The Google Analytics app first rolled out on Android two years ago, so all of us Apple Heads have been waiting for this for quite a while. Early adopters on iTunes seem to have mostly positive reviews, and personal thoughts, about the new release. One user says “Awesome! Easy to use. It found my Google accounts by itself. Been wanting this for a while now.”

Google Analytics iphone app
                                                                                                                                IMAGE: Google

Google has been working hard to pump out releases this month. Besides the Analytics app, they’ve released the YouTube Channel Management app called YouTube Creator Studio, the AdWords Express ad manager and a game called Ingress which “transforms the real world into the landscape for a global game of mystery, intrigue, and competition”.

Will the competition come out with updates to counter the easy browsing of the new Google Analytics app? Only time will tell. For now, we will be tracking our stats on the go with Google! Want to download it to try it out? Click here to get it now!

Have questions about this or other updates with Google? Contact us today!

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