Google Introduces Structured Snippets as Part of Search Results

September 25, 2014


Earlier this month it was discovered that Google had begun testing a form of knowledge graph data in the search result snippets. Google is now referring to this added information as Structured Snippets

These structured snippets have been released under many different types of searches. Everything from comic book heroes, popular events, company profiles, and product specifics can have snippet information added through the collaboration between Google Research and the Web Search team. 

Here are some examples of the structured snippets:



Some publishers have expressed concern over these snippets, saying that the user will ultimately not need to click through for more information if their questions are answered in search, which would affect website performance. Amit Singhal, Google’s head of search, has addressed this by explaining that while Google’s goal is to provide searchers with basic, quick answers, there is no substitute to companies or publishers providing an in-depth option for searchers looking to do deeper research.

In a keynote session at Search Marketing Expo West, Amit Singhal explained Google’s “Swiss Army Knife” theory to interviewer, Danny Sullivan:

DS: Are we gonna get to a point where every search gives a direct answer?

AS: If you look at a search engine, the best analogy is that it’s an amazing Swiss Army Knife. It’s great, but sometimes you need to open a wine bottle. Some genius added that to the knife. That’s awesome. That’s how we think of the Knowledge Graph. Sometimes you only need an answer.

The world has gone mobile. In a mobile world, there are times when you cannot read 20 pages, but you need something — an extra tool on your Swiss Army Knife. When you build a better tool, you use it more.

To see more of Singhal’s interview, you can check out the live blog here.

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