One Simple Way to Grow Your Email List and Drive Traffic to Your Website

June 19, 2017

Using a marketing tactic called a “dedicated email drop,” has the potential to send a huge amount of traffic to your website or lead magnet offer using someone else’s email list.

But how do you get access to someone else’s list? Keep reading to find out…

Dedicated Email Drops: What Are They and How Do They Work?

The key to understanding a dedicated email drop is to understand that you’re not being sold someone’s list, you’re being sold access to someone’s list, and often you're also being sold that business' endorsement.

Your message will come from that business as a sponsor, and will allow you to broadcast your offer to people who you know would be interested in your product/service based on the list you’re accessing.

In order to implement this marketing tactic, you’ll need to do some research to find a trusted businesses that could partner with you whose audiences would be interested in your product/service. To do this, you could do some research on your own or utilize a paid tool, such as What Runs Where to help you locate businesses that offer advertising/email drop opportunities.

It’s good to reach out to at least five of these businesses to find a cost/list that will work for you. Depending on the business, they could charge more or less for a dedicated email drop, though most are quoted on a Cost Per Thousand (CPM) basis and usually fall between $6 and $20 per thousand email addresses.

Other businesses will ask for a percentage of sales you make from their email drop. It really just depends on the business and the arrangement you make.


You are looking for someone who has earned a high degree of trust with the people on their list. You don’t want a company who has basically compiled a list. The relationship between the sender and list is the key to success.

Protect yourself from scammers and never allow them to use you as the sender. This could result in you being blacklisted in the event the list owner doesn't have permission to send to the people on their list. 

How to Calculate the Success of a Dedicated Email Drop

In order to know if a dedicated email drop will be successful, you can do some quick math.

You start by gathering the following from the vendor so you can calculate the Cost Per Click: 

  • List Cost
  • # of Subscribers
  • Open Rate
  • and Click-Through Rate

The following example metrics are from our friends at DigitalMarketer:

For example:

    • email list of 100,000 subscribers
    • cost $1,500 to rent ($15 CPM)
    • an estimated 15% Open Rate, and
    • an estimated 16% Click-Through Rate

The above will yield an estimated 2,400 clicks to your offer or Lead Magnet opt-in page.

$1,500 clicks / 2,400 clicks = $.62 Cost Per Click

$.62 clicks… not too shabby.

Let’s assume you are sending clicks to a lead magnet offer that is converting at 40%.

2,400 clicks x 40% opt-in rate = 960 Leads

From there you’ll estimate the cost per lead (CPL).

$1,500 List Cost / 960 Leads = $1.56 Cost Per Lead (CPL)


This marketing tactic is a great way to get fresh traffic to your website and to your lead magnet offer. You’re better able to control who sees your offer and for a good price.

If you’d like help setting up a partnership or dedicated email drop with a business that suits your products/services, call Sales & Marketing Technologies today at 407-682-2222 or contact us online.

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