SMT Launches New Healthcare Web Design

October 22, 2008

Sales & Marketing Technologies is pleased to announce the launch of the Healthcare Consultants Pharmacy Staffing Division newly redesigned website. The redesigned site provides an updated look and feel while enhancing the site visitor’s experience with HCC’s brand.

By creating an updated website we were able to enhance their existing website architecture, allowing the website to be easily navigated and to allow for a clear call to action to be in place to guide visitors. With three different types of visitors coming to the site for different reasons, it was important to make three separate paths for them to follow, from the homepage all the way to their converting action.


HCC Pharmacy Staffing division provides temporary and permanent pharmacy jobs around the United States. HCC provides pharmacy job opportunities in the following settings: clinical, compound, home care, hospice, hospital, long term care, mail order, institutional, retail, and specialty pharmacies. They have been providing pharmacies with expert staff since 1989 and have achieved the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Health Care Organization’s certification.

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