How Offline Marketing Strategy Can Influence Your Social Media

June 28, 2016

Did you know that having employees volunteer hours at a local fundraiser could elevate your search rankings and generate 5-star reviews of your business? Did you know that attending trade shows and conferences could create brand authority online?

If you ask any savvy marketer, they'll tell you that your company’s offline activities can have a positive effect on your social media and web presence in general.

Community Involvement and Social Media

Doing good in your community or outside of it isn’t just good for your conscience. It is a powerful way to create business value and increase your bottom line in a way that is organic and inspiring.

A Huffington Post report indicated that 41 percent of Americans buy products specifically because they’re associated with a cause, and 87 percent think companies should devote equal time to business and society.

In a world that is always online, social media is a great platform in which to share and expand your efforts.

Here is one example from Midas, the auto repair franchise:

In 2014, Midas launched their “Drive Out Hunger” campaign that raised awareness and generated support for hunger relief. Using the hashtag #1Mile1Meal, Drive Out Hunger also featured a social-media-fueled, food truck. For every use of the hashtag, the truck traveled another mile and Midas donated another meal to a local food bank.

The result: donations of 1.1 million meals in 25 cities across the US and Canada — as well as increased online visibility, social media presence, and positive media coverage for the Midas brand.

Events and Trade Shows

Using social media at events and trade shows is a great way to use an events popularity to increase your social visibility. You can use the show’s hashtag to announce contests of giveaways going on at your booth. This will get people interested in your booth and is a fun way to garner attention.

By posting images to your social media pages you can give people who are not at the show a glimpse into the happenings. Not all the photos have to be on the show floor – photos after show hours or at special events, can also be fun.

Business Insights

As simple as it sounds, people love to see the behind the scenes of your business. It doesn’t matter if you are a baker or metal manufacturer; someone out there is interested in how you operate. Using visuals such as images, videos, or even Facebook Live to show your customers a unique behind the scenes look at your business can generate social activity and website traffic.

If you’re interested in learning more about the possibilities of social media marketing, contact Sales & Marketing Technologies by calling (407) 682-2222 or using the contact form below.

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