How Quizzes Can Boost Your Traffic and Leads

March 6, 2018

You may have noticed a trend in your Facebook feed lately.


Major companies have started to utilize this trend to engage with their audience (and add a retargeting pixel if they’re smart). Everyone from viral Internet video company, BuzzFeed, to brands such as Disney and Airbnb has started utilizing this type of content in their marketing strategies.

Quizzes are more than just fun, little games to play. They’ve become one of the most shared posts across social media - some receiving hundreds of thousands, if not millions of shares.

How Quizzes Engage Communities

Quizzes are often presented as a way to test your knowledge about a subject you love. An example of this would be a quiz titled, “Only the Best Harry Potter Fan Will get a 9/10 on this Quiz”.

People who identify as Harry Potter fans will want to take this quiz to demonstrate their knowledge, and they’ll likely share their quiz results to reinforce they’re part of that community.

Building a community around your brand is an important part of building a base of raving fans and a way to narrow down your ad targeting using pixels.

Here are some examples of brands that use quizzes to engage their community:


In the last year, Disney has published 200 quizzes – around 4 a week on average. The total shares of quizzes on the site is greater than any other site including BuzzFeed. Their top quiz, Who is your Disney Spirit Animal received over 800,000 shares.

The official Star Wars site also seeks to engage many of its fans through quizzes. They utilize a lot of knowledge-based quizzes for fans to test and share their knowledge of the films. One example being, “How Well Do You Know Star Wars: the Force Awakens?


Airbnb is evolving from only offering places to stay to offering experiences and places to eat. In order to get more families to think about using their service, they have implemented quizzes to start that conversation.

In their “What Kind of Family are You” quiz, they showed different images of different locations, home styles and vacation activities to match you up with your family’s vacation style.

Notice how in the results, Airbnb recommends places to visit that match your vacation style, and gives you the option to share your results on Facebook.

Now that they know what style you are, they can also continue to serve you enticing ads that are tailored to you.


As mentioned before, BuzzFeed is known for these viral quizzes – but what is their company selling? Advertising.

A lot of the BuzzFeed quizzes are sponsored by big name brands like Verizon, Geico, and American Signature Furniture.

By engaging the people who are interested in these quizzes, BuzzFeed can offer these companies a fresh list of potential buyers they can continue to advertise to.

How Quizzes Boost Traffic and Leads

The way these quizzes can get you more traffic is through the mass sharing from fans. If you create a compelling quiz that your audience resonates with, they’re very likely to share their results; allowing more people to visit your quiz.

The way these quizzes can get you more leads depends on your methods. Some quizzes require you to enter your name and email address to get your results. This method will likely cut into the number of shares you get, as not everyone will be willing to give out their info.

A better way to drive leads with quizzes is by pixeling the people who take the quiz and then retargeting them with enticing, targeted ads based on the quiz they took. For example, if someone takes a Star Wars quiz, it’s likely they’re interested in the franchise. Disney can then send them ads for Star Wars merchandise, knowing that they’re already fans.

Don’t Forget to Promote Your Quiz

As with any campaign, getting the word out requires a combination of free and paid efforts.

Quizzes get 75% of their traffic from social media, so promoting them is the key to their success. Post it to Facebook, boost your post, share to your email list.

The great thing about quizzes is they are fun, regardless of if you’re already a fan of the brand sharing it or not. Your existing fans will enjoy the entertaining content and potentially share it with people who may not already know you.

If you’ve been looking for new ways to use content to boost your traffic and leads, quizzes might just be the thing for you! Sales & Marketing Technologies can help you develop a content marketing strategy that works for your business. Give us a call today at (407) 682-2222 for a free strategy session.

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