How to Choose the Right Offer for the Different Types of Traffic

February 11, 2019

A lot of planning goes into running paid advertising — "Where should I run my ads?," "What audience should my business target?," and more.

But perhaps the biggest question you’ll need to ask yourself is, “What is my offer?”

Your campaign's objective and the relationship you’ve formed with your audience play a huge part in deciding what type of offer to make.

Every campaign you run should have a specific objective, whether it is to: 

  • Introduce your business to an audience who has never heard of you 
  • Convert a visitor to a lead
  • Up-sell or cross-sell current customers 

Based on those objectives, you can already begin to see that each has a different level of familiarity. Introducing your business to someone new means they’re strangers. If they’ve visited your website but haven’t converted, they’re acquaintances. If they have already purchased from you in the past, they’re your friends.

This type of relationship forming has a name for categorizing your audiences. They’re broken down like this…

  • Strangers = Cold Traffic
  • Acquaintances = Warm Traffic
  • Friends = Hot Traffic

Each of these different “temperatures” of traffic will respond differently to different offers. By identifying which category your target audience is in and what your objective for your campaign is, it’s easy to see which type of offer will work the best to achieve the best results.

Offers for Cold Traffic

Cold traffic refers to people who don’t know you or your business. This is where you find new blood for your business. If you’re just starting your business or list building, you must start here.

The goals of cold traffic campaigns are to: 

  • Introduce your business 
  • Provide value 
  • Build trust 
  • Bonus: Segment them
    (Depending on the variety of products or services you offer, you can tag specific pages so you know exactly which product interests a specific visitor. Then make them a more relevant offer later.) 

In order to make initial contact, build trust and provide value to these new people, you need to create an “offer” that matches the level of trust they have with you.

Some good offer examples for cold traffic include: 

  • Blog Posts 
  • Videos 
  • Podcasts 
  • Case Studies 
  • Lead Magnets
    (While it is possible to ask cold traffic for their information, the offer needs to be very, very enticing.) 
  • Quiz/Surveys 
  • White Papers 
  • Newsletter sign ups 

Offers for Warm Traffic

Warm traffic are people who may have visited your website or have shown some interest in your business in the past.

These people are familiar with your business but weren’t interested enough to buy at the time they read your blog article or watched your YouTube video.

Goals of warm traffic campaigns include: 

  • Lead generation
    (Get them to contact or engage with your company.) 
  • First sale
    (Don’t go straight for your core product or service. These are often too big of a purchase for a first-time buyer. Start with a something small.) 

Now that these people are aware of who you are, it’s time to make a move to turn them into leads or sales.

Here are some good examples of offers for warm traffic:  

  • Lead Magnets
  • Quiz/Surveys
  • White Papers
  • Free or Paid Webinars
  • Flash Sales
  • Low Dollar Offers 
  • Product Demo
  • Branding Videos
  • Book (Free or Paid)
  • A La Carte Service
  • Software/Plugin
  • Free Trial
  • Events 

While some of these are repeated from the cold traffic examples, if you have a more difficult sale, they can be used to further your understanding of your prospects or just to continue engaging them and moving them down the pipeline.

Offers for Hot Traffic

Hot traffic is typically your customers. They know who you are and trust you enough to buy, maybe more than once.

The goals of hot traffic campaigns are: 

  • Uncover additional needs 
  • Ascend them from a single buyer to a multi-buyer 

With hot traffic, they know you pretty well at this point. You don’t have to sell quite as hard to get them to buy again.

Here are some examples of hot traffic offers: 

  • Cross sells
  • Upsells
  • Events
  • Consultations
  • Paid Webinar
  • Higher Dollar Offer 


The buying process is fluid. You can’t just jump from freezing water to boiling without warming it first. Your audience must go through the process of getting to know your business before they jump right in with a high-dollar purchase.

When setting up your paid advertising, keep in mind whom you’re targeting and at what temperature they are when deciding what type of offer to present.

If you’d like help discovering what types of offers could work for your business, call Sales & Marketing Technologies today at (407) 682-2222 for a free consultation with one of our marketing experts.

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