How to Create an Infographic

May 21, 2013

You’ve heard it before - infographics are a great way to engage readers.  They help make content more interesting, and they are easily used across your marketing platforms - not only on your website but also in social media marketing

How do you create an infographic?


1. Have a Goal

First and foremost, you need to have a goal in mind for the infographic.  That way, you will be more focused when deciding what information to include within it.  You should also make sure that you know your target audience.  Understanding your audience and providing them with information that they will not only want to read themselves but also want to share with others, helping your message to go viral.

2. Gather Your Data

Valid data is a key factor in infographics.  You can find useful data from sites like The Data Hub, Freebase, Data 360, and Gallup.  Once the information to be used is selected, you can decide which data to include and how to feature it within the infographic.  Data that is especially surprising or relevant should be featured prominently within the infographic.

3. Create It

After you have decided what your goals are, what your topic will be, and you gather your data it's time to get to designing your infographic. If you are skilled with Illustrator or Photoshop, you may decide to create the infographic yourself. If not, you will want a professional, like the designers at Sales & Marketing Technologies, to help.

4. Promote It

Once your infographic has been created, it’s time to get it out there!  Use your own company newsletter, social media sites, and even press releases to get the infographic into the hands of your audience.

Sales & Marketing Technologies is Central Florida's most established Digital Marketing and web development company. We have teams of marketers, developers, and designers that can do everything from assist in the data collection, design, and promotion of your company's next infographic. Contact us today to get started!

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