What are People Searching for on their Mobile Phones?

May 7, 2013

These days, almost everyone owns a smart phone, and they are using them to do more than make phone calls.  They are also using their phones to look up the answers to questions, the addresses to businesses, and everything in between.  This is why it is so important to have a mobile site or a site with a responsive design that adapts to mobile devices, and to have it optimized for mobile search engines.

Mobile search criteria are slightly different than the average web based searches.  One of the major differences is the emphasis on local search.  One in three searches on mobile devices have local intent, as opposed to one in five searches on desktop computers.  This is because people are usually on the go and need to know the location of a business or a contact phone number.  Speaking of contact numbers – Google has implemented “click to call”, a feature on its mobile site that gives you the option to click on a business’s phone number within search and call it directly.  This “click-to-call” feature on Google generates 30 million calls a month, showing the power of mobile search.

How can you make sure that your site is making it to the top results on Google? 

Besides making sure to have a mobile-adapted site filled with local search terms, you should also make sure to still include all the relevant information.  Many companies “dumb down” their mobile site – instead of doing this, you should include all the information, but in a different way.  Include the important information – like phone numbers or directions – first, then the more descriptive information after.

If you need help developing the mobile version of your site, contact Sales & Marketing Technologies today!  From the site development to the content writing, we have you covered.


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