How to Increase Customer Loyalty Through Consistency

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November 19, 2019

Although inbound digital marketing helps attract customers, what makes customers loyal to a business is exceptional customer service. Some businesses get so caught up in trying to acquire new customers that they lose focus on the customers they already have, which can end up costing them. According to Harvard Business Review, investing in new customers is between 5 and 25 times more expensive than retaining existing ones. So, what can a business do to make customers happy and stick around? Ultimately, it boils down to consistency in three main areas. Let’s explore the value of consistency and how to implement it across your business.

The 3 C’s of Customer Service

You’ve probably heard that the key to real estate success is “location, location, location.” For customer service, it would be “consistency, consistency, consistency.” There are three primary areas where consistency is crucial in today’s marketplace.

1. Consistent Product/Service

If your product or service doesn’t meet expectations every time, your customers will look elsewhere for one that better meets their needs. Whether it’s switching to cheaper materials, changing a product formula, removing features, etc., putting out a product or service that disappoints the customer will create a backlash that will have your business reeling from lost sales.

2. Consistent Multi-Channel Interactions

Customers can connect with businesses beyond the traditional channels in person or on the phone. With the digital revolution in full swing, customers now have a multitude of channels to contact a company such as email, website contact forms, chatbots, social media, video conferencing, and messaging apps. Regardless of which channel customers use to communicate with your business, it’s imperative that they receive a consistent experience.

3. Consistent Employee Attitude

Whether a customer interacts with a receptionist, customer service rep, IT support specialist, or manager, all of your company’s employees should be consistent. It doesn’t mean that everyone has to talk, act, and sound the same, but there should be a positive attitude apparent in every customer/employee interaction. It shouldn’t matter who picks up the phone or responds to a message, the customer should always have a good experience.
Consistent customer service takes effort and dedication, but it’s well worth continuous training and attention so you don’t lose loyal customers. According to InMoment’s 2018 US Retail CX Trends Report, nearly 50 percent of customers say they’ve left a brand to which they were loyal to go to a competitor that is better at meeting their needs. By creating a consistent customer experience, you’ll inspire confidence in customers which turns into trust, and eventually, loyalty.

Enhance Customer Service with Sales and Marketing Automation

With sales and marketing automation, your business can have an organized streamlined system to free up customer service resources and assist your sales team in closing sales. Automation allows your business to:
  • Increase lead flow
  • Increase sales conversions
  • Better lead follow up
  • Automatic appointment schedule
  • Improve internal workflow
  • Improve ROI on advertising spends
Sales & Marketing Technologies works with businesses of all sizes and industries to create process-driven marketing and sales systems into their businesses. We also provide CRM integration services to get the most out of your investment and achieve your sales and marketing goals.
Call us today at 407-682-2222 or message us to see how automation can support your customer service and sales teams.

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