Is Tweeting the New Link Building?

May 31, 2011

What we do know is that Google can access public information on Twitter (and Facebook too, for that matter) and assigns value to content, links and users based on a unique set of parameters.

Here are some important ranking factors to consider when using Twitter for SEO:   


• Tweet links to your recent blog posts, articles or pages. Be descriptive in your tweets and be sure to include keywords that you’d normally use for anchor text. Use and avoid tweeting links to the same URL as in your profile.

• Build your profile. Complete profiles with avatars are good indicators that you are a real person or company and a bot account. Plus adding keywords and hashtags in your bio can make your account more searchable.

• Build your authority. The people who follow you, link to you or retweet your posts, all contribute to an authority or quality score.

• More is not necessarily better. In the same way that links have value, followers have value. Build relationships with other authoritative people or businesses on Twitter. A ton of spammy or unengaged followers doesn’t help you.

• Reply to others. By using @replies and RTs you can converse with people who you follow or who follow you. Joining in on the conversation is what social media is all about so don’t be shy!


Recently, Twitter has partnered with Google to allow the search engine giant to be able to access to all of the tweets in Twitter’s data. Tweets will start showing up in Google search results as soon as they are posted and can be easily searched through the engine after they slip off the main pages.

Do you have a social networking strategy? If you'd like to learn more about how to create the social media marketing strategy that will work for your company, contact Sales & Marketing Technologies today.

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