Repurposing Content Ideas to Boost ROI

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November 16, 2021

Content marketing is essential for online success as it allows your business to rank higher in search results, generate audience engagement, and convert prospects into customers. Since creating and sharing content requires resources, the best approach to maximize your ROI is to repurpose content.
Get more out of your investment by repurposing content in multiple ways so you work smarter, not harder!

Ways to Repurpose Content

A common misconception when it comes to repurposing content is that it’ll bore your audience. Sure, if you’re copying and pasting the same exact content across all of your channels, then it’ll make your audience yawn. But that’s not repurposing content!
The key to successfully repurposing content is turning it into something new. While the information will be similar, how it’s packaged and presented will give the insights a fresh twist. Plus, even your most dedicated fans won’t catch (or remember) every piece of content you create so don’t worry that repurposed content will turn off your audience.
Check out these repurposing ideas to make your content go the extra mile without much additional effort:

Blog posts

Don’t let your blog posts languish on your website! Compile similar topics into a downloadable PDF guide or ebook, turn posts into videos, create infographics, make quote graphics or memes for social media, and share your posts in email newsletters. Also, don’t forget to update old blog posts to improve SEO rankings and drive more conversions.


Video content has high engagement rates, so take advantage of the videos you have by adding them to landing pages and blog posts, sharing clips on social media, or making them into podcast episodes. Additionally, you can easily turn slide deck presentations into videos.


A popular lead magnet is ebooks and for good reason — they’re packed with information and provide a lot of value. Although ebooks take longer to create, they offer numerous repurposing opportunities, such as a blog post for each chapter, infographics to illustrate key concepts, insightful quote graphics, and even an online course.


More people are listening to podcasts than ever before thanks to the convenience of smartphones, smart speakers (e.g. Amazon Alexa), and Bluetooth car stereos. Expand your audience by turning blog posts, videos, webinars, ebooks, and guides into podcast episodes.


Live webinars allow you to engage your audience and establish your brand as an authority, but not everyone will be able to attend. Don’t let that great content disappear! Record the webinar and publish it as a video on your website and YouTube channel. Then, repurpose the webinar video as you would other video content, like blog posts, newsletter tips, infographics, etc.

Remix Content for Greater Results

Constantly churning out new content is resource-intensive whereas sharing the same exact content across different channels will bore your audience. That’s why repurposing content is vital for boosting ROI because the content will feel fresh and new without requiring you to start from scratch since the bulk of research is already done.
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