Social Commerce: Boosting Sales on Social Platforms

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December 14, 2021

Customers have more ways to buy products than ever before, and one of the newest channels is social commerce. Before, social media’s role in the buying process was to direct users to websites to complete the purchase. Now, brands can leverage social commerce to capture sales seamlessly.
Learn more about social commerce and the benefits it offers so you can supercharge your online sales!

Social Commerce Definition

Social commerce is the process of selling products directly through social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. So instead of customers going to an external website to purchase the product, they can buy it on the platform, creating a frictionless shopping process.
Essentially, social commerce brings the store to consumers right where they are instead of adding extra steps to the buying process. The sales potential is huge because it’s mobile-friendly and allows consumers to browse and purchase products without leaving the platform.

Advantages of Social Commerce

There are a variety of benefits of social shopping, which is why the market has significantly grown in the last several years. According to eMarketer, US social commerce is expected to reach $45 billion in 2022 — more than double what it was in 2019.
Here are the top four advantages of integrating social commerce into your business for a robust marketing system:

Connect with your target audience

Social platforms have extensive user bases, which offers more opportunities to connect with your target audience. Plus, you’ll be able to boost impulse purchases by providing customers with an easy way to shop that doesn’t interrupt their experience.

Enhance your online presence

Social commerce bridges the gap between social media marketing and eCommerce by encouraging conversations about your brand while providing a direct option to buy. From posting quality content regularly to working with influencers and brand ambassadors, you'll have a stronger online presence than just a website alone.

Seamless buying experience

Having a checkout process with little to no disruption is key to increasing sales. Social commerce takes the online buying experience to a new level by reducing the steps for social media users. This is particularly beneficial for eCommerce sites that struggle with a high shopping cart abandonment rate.

Build social proof

Your word alone won’t convince prospects to buy your product. Consumers rely on other people’s opinions (i.e. ‘social proof’) to help make purchase decisions. User-generated social content like comments, likes, follows, shares, and hashtags are effective for generating social proof. When users see others interacting with your brand, they’re more likely to trust you.

Grow Sales with Social Commerce

The sales potential for social commerce is massive. As social shopping increases, brands can’t afford to ignore it. Whether or not you incorporate social commerce into your marketing strategy, it’s vital that you always provide customers with a seamless shopping experience to retain their business. In summary, make your buying process as frictionless as possible to boost sales.
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