Survey Finds Social Media Impacts Search Engine Rankings

September 28, 2010

A recent study, The Impact of Social Media on Search, by BtoB and took a look at how business-to-business (B2B) marketers are integrating social media with search engine marketing (SEM). The study polled 464 B2B marketers to see how they are using social media to improve their search engine rankings.

Did social media have an impact on their search engine performance?


  • 44% stated it had a positive impact
  • 28% stated neutral
  • 27% stated they did not know
  • 1% stated it had a negative impact
  • Visits to their web site (54%)
  • Number of Fans/Followers and “Likes” (48%)
  • Number of company or product mentions (35%)
  • Number of retweets (28%)


One of the interesting things in the study is that 41% of the respondents were not currently measuring the impact from social media on their search engine rankings. Those that were, used such metrics as organic search engine rankings, number of inbound links, search volume for brand or keyword phrases, and search engine marketing conversion rates.

The top metrics B2B marketers were using to measure the effectiveness of their social media campaign. It was also noted that 25% of B2B marketers were NOT measuring their social media campaigns. Establishing your metrics should always be included into your social media game plan before launching your campaign. To help set up your social media game plan, you should check out the informative infographic from B2Bento that provides a quickstart guide to social media for business.

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Response to: Survey Finds Social Media Impacts Search Engine Rankings
Sunday, October 10, 2010
shelly kramer says:

Brent, This is great stuff. I didn't know you guys had started blogging -- am so glad to see it. And will most definitely be sharing your content. Shelly @shellykramer