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February 22, 2022

The growth of social media over the years has involved a lot of new tools and platforms cropping up as well. For each new social network, it feels like there are a dozen or more sites and apps that are meant to help in some way.
This can both be exciting, and a little bit daunting. We wanted to share some social media tools that can help improve your results, from scheduling content to analyzing metrics and everything in-between.

Sprout Social

There are quite a few social media scheduling tools out there, but where Sprout Social excels in its analytics feature. This offers a much more comprehensive set of data that will give you a better idea of which content is performing best, and how you can improve your strategy to increase reach and engagement.


Sometimes, the amount of content on your feed can get a bit lost. MeetEdgar gives your content a chance to be seen by recycling past posts, especially if you’re hoping to reach a wider audience. This is a great tool that automates a usually time-consuming task, leaving your team more time to focus on other marketing matters.


This tool takes analytics to another level. BuzzSumo not only helps to generate content ideas, but it can also create high-performing content, monitor your overall performance, and help you narrow down influencers relevant to your niche. This is great for a team hoping to create partnerships and who may also be struggling with content ideas for their audience.


SocialFlow is a smart tool, literally and figuratively. It helps keep track of all of your paid, owned, and earned social media campaigns and provides advanced targeting for them. It also gives recommendations based on your analytics, helping you decide which should be promoted on which social media platform.


Looking for a mobile-friendly video creation tool? Animoto has both a desktop and mobile version, making it easy to create video content for your social media. They also have a stock library to choose from, templates, and tutorials for your benefit.


Canva has made graphic design much more streamlined and user-friendly. With the existing templates and media, you can easily create content for your social media, whether that’s a slideshow, video, or stagnant post. Plus, you can even add a color palette and fonts for your branding so that the content on your grid stays cohesive.

Google Trends

Keeping up with trending topics can feel impossible, but with Google Trends, you can easily be notified of the latest keywords and trends. This is an especially great tool if you’re hoping to capitalize on a popular event or meme, since this gives you an idea of what people are talking about within your sphere.

Get More Out of Your Social Media

Many businesses (mistakenly) think that social media marketing isn’t for them. With the right strategy and tools, however, social media is a powerful channel that generates brand awareness, grows your audience, and drives conversions. Let our dedicated experts build a marketing system for you that incorporates social media to maximize results.
Schedule a free 30-minute consultation with Sales & Marketing Today today to craft a sales-driven strategy for your business!

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